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“Innovation doesn’t just belong to Silicon Valley alone    —   it comes from round the World”.

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Does this give you some Ideas of What’s Hot & What’s Not ??? for your own Business ???

Where? That’s the message from the World Economic Forum sent with its annual list of the most innovative companies in the world. The list includes 50+ early-stage companies whose technologies are “world changing.” They’re from, yes, Silicon Valley, but there are also several from emerging markets in Europe as well as Central & South America. As industry-watchers may expect, many of the companies listed are utilizing Artificial Intelligence [AI], as well as a number of BioTech firms & Block-Chain technologies. Here are the 50+ companies the World Economic Forum considers pioneers.

AgroSmart — Brazil

. . . uses sensors, meteorological data, and image processing to provide real-time crop monitoring that helps farmers to better manage their agribusiness.

Apeel Sciences —USA

. . . a food-tech startup that has created an edible coating that makes produce and fresh food last longer. Backed by Bill Gates and famed Silicon Valley venture firm Andreeseen Horowitz, the company recently introduced its longer-lasting avocados at Costco.

Applied Brain Research — Canada

. . . is an AI company working in the field of so-called neuro-morphic computing, which uses artificial neurons to compute in a way similiar to the human brain, but using less power than traditional machine learning algorithms.

Aqua Security — Israel

Cyber-Security company helping its customers secure their modern software infrastructure. The company counts Microsoft as an investor, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise as a partner.

Armis — USA

. . . is an enterprise security company founded by Yevgeny Dibrov and Nadir Izrael, two former Google employees. Its solutions help companies secure their smart devices.

BenevolentAI — UK

. . . is an AI platform that helps developers build software that can take advantage of unstructured information in scientific papers, patents, clinical trial information from a large number of structured data sets.

Bestmile — Switzerland

. . . is an online platform, helping companies manage & maintain their Fleets of autonomous cars, buses, & trucks.

Blue Vision Labs — UK

. . . is a startup making technology that allows several people to use Augmented Reality (AR) at the same time.

BitPesa — Kenya

. . . is an online Payment Platform that uses blockchain to allow users in sub-Saharan Africa to trade Bitcoin.

Cadenza Innovation – USA

Founded in 2012 by Swedish chemist, Cadenza Innovations uses patented technology to make Lithium-Ion Batteries safer, cheaper, and able to hold more energy.

Casetext — USA

Casetext is a legal-tech startup that lets Lawyers and their staff upload legal briefs, then uses AI to identify other relevant cases & documents. — USA

. . . is a nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to computer science in for K-12 students in schools, focusing on increasing participation by women and underrepresented minorities.

CognitiveScale — USA

. . . makes software that uses AI & Machine Learning [ML] to organize big data sets for companies.

Color Genomics — USA

. . .offers affordable genetic testing to help customers understand their risk for common hereditary cancers and heart conditions.

Cohesity — USA

Founded an early Google employee and the co-founder of Nutanix (storage company), Cohesity was only the 2nd enterprise software company ever to earn an investment from Japanese venture firm Softbank.


. . . uses artificial intelligence to provide cyber-security for home devices, including a feature for parental controls.

Delair — France

. . . uses long-range Drones to gather aerial imagery, giving customers an eagle-eye view of a work site or facility. — USA

. . . which was started by researchers in Stanford University’s AI lab, are making the “brains” — or the software — that powers self-driving cars.

Everledger — UK

. . . is putting Diamonds on the Blockchain. They provide a secure ledger that tracks and stores info about the color, carat & certificate number of each diamond. The company hopes to reduce and completely eliminate theft, illicit trafficking and fraud in the diamond and jewelry industry.

Evrythng — UK

. . . is a platform that allows users to easily manage & track physical objects digitally. It can, for example, let a customer track a product as it moves through their supply clain.

Fetch Robotics — USA

. . . builds autonomous Robots that can work on factory floors. These robots, the company says, can be particularly helpful to those in the e-Commerce business who are struggling to keep up with the likes of Amazon in order fulfillment.

Gamalon — USA

. . . uses AI to understand text conversations, to help software make sense of normal human interactions.

Grid Singularity — Germany

. . . is bringing Blockchain to the Energy sector by creating an open source decentralized energy data exchange platform that can host applications.

H55 — Switzerland

Founded by Swiss pilot, H55 produces aircraft electric propulsion systems for existing airplanes as well as for flying taxis & drones. It has experience in the aviation industry, as it was behind Solar Impulse 2, the experimental aircraft that successfully ran entirely on solar power.

Hyperloop Transportation Tech — USA

. . . is working on making the Hyperloop concept — the idea of super fast travel thru underground low-pressure tubes, first envisioned by Elon Musk— a reality.

Innoviz Tech — Israel

. . . develops technology for self-driving cars, including LiDAR, a crucial piece of hardware that allows an autonomous car to percieve its surroundings.

Juvo — USA

. . . is a Fintech company that allows users in developing markets to borrow small amounts money in exchange for more talk time or data on their phones, allowing users to build credit.

Modern Meadow — USA

. . . makes animal-free leather using a process called biofabrication, which allows the company to grow collagen, a protein found in animal skin, without an actual animal.

Peloton Tech — USA

. . . connects two trucks, allowing one truck driver to control the acceleration and braking of both trucks simultaneously. The process saves both time and fuel, allowing one trucker to do the work of two.

Petuum — USA

. . . provides an platform that allows companies to build your own AI software without the need for AI engineering expertise.

Plenty — USA

. . . is an agriculture technology company that grows crops in an indoor vertical farm — and without pesticides or GMOs.

PreCognize — Israel

. . . makes software that predicts — using AI — which machines might need maintenance. The company focuses on heavy industry.

Primer — USA

. . . helps analyze & collate a large number of documents across several languages, automating the analysis of very large datasets.

RayCatch — Israel

. . . uses Artificial Intelligence [AI] to provide suggestions about operations & maintenance to operators and owners of Solar plants.

Seismic — USA

. . . is creating “wearable robotics,” which it calls Powered Clothing, for senior citizens. It’ SuperFlex suit would add strength to muscles and joints for those who have trouble with mobility.

Soft Robotics — USA

. . . builds a proprietary “soft” gripper on the end of a robotic arm. The grasper can handle a range of objects, regardless of shape, size, or weight, with no tool or software changes between cycles.

Soul Machines — New Zealand

Soul Machines creates life-like, emotionally responsive virtual Digital assistants with personality and character.

Suade — UK

. . . is a fintech startup that makes software for banks to help them adapt their balance sheets to changes in financial regulation.

ThoughtSpot — USA

. . . is a search & AI-driven analytics platform. The company recently scored a $145 million Series D funding round valuing the startup at $1 billion. It plans to IPO in the near future.

uBiome — USA

. . . is a home-testing company that lets customers analyzes their micro-biome. The company offers a SmartGut test, which gives people insight into what’s going on in their digestive tract, and its SmartJane test, which tests for HPV & STIs.

Vayyar — Israel

. . . claims to make the world’s most advanced 3D Imaging sensor, which can be used in applications ranging from breast cancer screening to detecting water leakage.

WaterGen — Israel

. . . has built a small water-from-air generator that provides renewable source of clean and fresh drinking water.

XM Cyber — Israel

. . . has the first fully automated APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) simulation platform. It automatically and persistently tests the security of software by simulating an attempted attack from a hacker.

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from Biz Insider 3/22 enhanced by Peter/CXO

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