Shares are likely to fall at the opening of the trading week on the Australian market after American investors remained concerned that the coronavirus is out of control in the US.

The Australian SPI 200 futures contract was lower by 91.0 points, or 1.56 per cent, to 5,757.0 at 0700 AEST on Monday.

Stocks on Wall Street finished last week sharply lower as coronavirus infections in the US hit an all-time high, prompting Texas and Florida to reverse course on the reopening of businesses.

The major indices were down more than 2.0 per cent and have provided a weak lead for their Australian counterpart.

For a third consecutive day on Saturday, the number of confirmed US cases rose by more than 40,000, one of the largest surges in the world.

The US virus cases have injected jitters into a market that has been mostly riding high since April on hopes that the economy will recover from a deep recession as businesses open doors.

Australia is not immune from the same problems. Victoria has recorded double-digit increases in new COVID-19 infections for 12 days running, and had 90 new cases over the weekend.

The Australian dollar was buying 68.59 US cents at 0700 AEST, lower from 68.83 US cents at the close of trade on Friday.

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