3 Reasons to Consider Renewable Energy Services | IGS

Renewable energy has slowly surfaced throughout the years and a lot of residential houses and commercial buildings are slowly turning to solar panels and renewable energy in order to run their electricity, not relying on the electricity grid for their power entirely. What companies specialize in renewable energy? Who is the largest renewable energy company? With the solar panel energy businesses booming, there are a ton of commercial renewable energy services that you could now avail of, but before you do you have to ask yourself, what are renewable energy services?

What is renewable energy?

Derived from natural processes, renewable energy could be replenished at a rate that is either equal to or faster than the rate at which they are consumed. You get renewable energy directly or indirectly from the sun, and even from the heat that is generated deep within the earth. Solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower and ocean resources, solid biomass, biogas, and liquid biofuels are all included in renewable energy.

What are renewable energy services?

There is a huge range of energy-producing technologies and equipment that have been developed over time, effectively taking advantage of all of our natural resources and because of this, usable energy would be able to produce electricity, industrial heat, thermal energy for space and water conditioning, and transportation fuels.

Here are some of the most important forms of renewable energy:

  1. Wind Power

Mechanical energy or electricity could be extracted from the kinetic energy in the wind and has been harnessed for centuries in order to propel sailing vessels and turn grist mills and water pumps.

They are turned with large propellers that stand on wing farms that are usually located in strategic areas that have good wind regimes and are in proximity to some existing electrical grids.

They would capture energy only when the wind speed is sufficient to move the turbine blades but when the turbine is damaged when it is operated, then it might not be able to capture sufficient energy.

  1. Solar Energy

Solar energy is the most common renewable energy source that we could see around since it is the most convenient out of all of these. This is the energy from the sun in the form of radiated heat and light. It could be used to provide lighting and heat for buildings and produce electricity.

Generally, solar energy could only be harnessed during the day and if the sunlight is not blocked by clouds, buildings, and other obstacles. There are 2 active solar technologies that could involve electrical or mechanical equipment, solar collectors or the panel that is used to eat water and ventilate air; and solar photovoltaic technology that uses cells to convert sunlight into electricity.

  1. Bioenergy

There are different forms of usable energy that you would be able to obtain from the materials that are referred to as biomass. This is a biological material in solid, liquid, and gas form that is stored in sunlight in the form of chemical energy. Several types of biomasses would be able to be used when you have the proper technology and equipment in order to produce electricity.

The most commonly used type of biomass is wood. Wood and wood wasted would be able to be combusted in order to produce heat that is used for industrial purposes, space and water heating, and to produce steam for electricity generation. 

  1. Hydroelectricity

In order to transform usable energy, the natural flow of water in the river would offer kinetic power. Mechanical power for transformation activities like milling and sawing and for irrigation, and transportation purposes like moving logs from forests to industrial centers are only some of the early uses but as of right now, hydroelectricity is the major form of usable energy that is produced from flowing water.

The water flow would be directed at the blades of a turbine in order to make it spin, which causes an electrical generator that is connected to the turbine to spin as well and that is how they produce hydroelectricity.

Knowing how much energy would be extracted from the flowing water would depend on the volume and the speed of the water and a hydroelectric station is built at a sharp incline or waterfall in order to take advantage of the speed of the water.

  1. Geothermal Energy

Capturing the heat that is stored beneath the earth’s surface or from the absorbed heat in the atmosphere and ocean, geothermal energy could be captured from naturally occurring underground steam. 

Renewable energy has a lot of advantages that we could use, so turning to renewable energy services could be insanely beneficial for you, your home, and the environment.