Resveratrol has been making the news for the past few years in a very positive fashion.  Experiments have been performed on mice which have proven longevity for mice given resveratrol supplements, in comparison to the group of mice who were not given resveratrol. These mice did not live as long or enjoy the good health of the mice on resveratrol. Get more information here swanson coupon.

Resveratrol is found naturally in peanuts, grapes, berries, dark chocolate and the most well known red wine.  The French people have been eating a high fat diet for years along with their red wine.  They are found to have less heart issues than any other country.  This inspired scientists to examine the ingredients in red wine that might be responsible for this occurrence.  This ingredient is resveratrol.

Some of the benefits of the resveratrol supplement are as follows:

  1. Slow down the aging process
  2. Life extension
  3. Heart protection
  4. Prevention of certain cancers
  5. Fight type 2 Diabetes
  6. Prevent Alzheimer’s disease
  7. Weight loss
  8. Override an unhealthy lifestyle

These are all valid reasons to getting involved in a resveratrol supplement program.  Depending on resveratrol to override an unhealthy lifestyle is probably not a wise idea.  It makes sense to eat a diet high in plant foods, low fat protein and healthy grains; and limiting alcohol and avoid smoking. Exercising is also an addition to a healthy life style.  Regardless of all the positive testimonials of resveratrol, depending on one supplement for total good health is not a reality.

The resveratrol supplement can be found from many manufacturers on line.  You will find many free trials for a variety of resveratrol pills and supplements.  Health food stores, grocery markets and drugstores also carry a wide variety resveratrol supplements.  Many prefer shopping in stores where they can see the product and read the labels. Talking with store employees gives one more insight into the product, and possible information on how other customers feel about it.