10 Actionable Tips To Boost Your Magento Store Sales



Magento is recognized as one of the top open-source eCommerce platforms. It offers scalability, flexibility, designs, and features which makes it a top CRM platform for your eCommerce website. Magento is used by more than 250,000 eCommerce websites.

It enables you to modify and create an eCommerce website which helps to drive more traffic to your site and as a result, you can easily convert your leads into your customers.

The primary objective of any business is to grow its customer base and increase profitability. To boost your Magento store sales, you need to generate new users and influence your potential customers to become repeat customers.

Actionable Tips

You need to create goal-oriented strategies or measures that will drive more sales from your existing and new customers so that they became your repeated customers after one purchase.

Although Magento is considered to be an excellent Content Management System (CMS) software, to start with, there are certain factors that you need to understand such as customer behavior and buying patterns, current marketing trends, and social media trends so that you can create marketing campaigns to engage with your customers. After COVID 19 pandemic, the eCommerce market has boomed at a global level as more people are now adopting themselves in online purchases. 

How can you drive more traffic to the website?

How can you maintain the relationship with customers after one purchase?

How can you increase the customer retention rate to increase purchases?

These are some of the questions that must be coming to your mind. To answer these questions, let’s dive straight into some of the tips that will boost your Magento eCommerce website sales.

10 Actionable Tips To Boost Your Magento Store Sales

1. Offer a personalized experience to increase brand loyalty

personalized experience

According to invesp, almost 45% of online shoppers shop from a website that offers more personalized recommendations. There are different ways to provide a personalized experience to customers to build brand loyalty. For example

  • Recommending products and services to customers based on their previous purchase or browsing history
  • Addressing users by their first name makes them feel more valued 
  • Offering special discounts just for them makes them purchase the product that they have added to the wishlist

These methods will increase your conversion rates and with this users will also refer your website to others.

2. Provide personal assistance on your website

personal assistance

If a customer is showing interest in a particular product on your website but needs some guidance from your end, then you should provide immediate assistance and support to those customers. You can set up a chatbot on your Magento website so that the potential buyers can immediately type their queries which will be resolved by your customer service department. 

Your customer service department can also take up the contact details of users so that they can immediately contact and guide them if they get stuck somewhere in the process. This way customers will feel more confident that they are making a good decision by purchasing products from your site and it will also prove that you care about their success.

3. Give customers a reason to purchase again from your site

Give customers a reason to purchase

If you don’t provide a compelling reason for your users to come back to your eCommerce site, then they will buy products from one of your competitors. To drive your Magento eCommerce store sales, you can remind customers that you are providing discounts on multiple products by mentioning them on your website. 

For example – You can provide free shipping on every order of more than $100 which will encourage customers to come back to your website.

4. Improve the speed of your website

Website Speed

In the growing digital world, people are having access to high-speed internet connections and they expect that your website loads quickly within 3 seconds after they click on the link if not website owners will lose their potential users. Factors that affect the loading time of a website such as high-resolution images, removing unnecessary java scripts, and reducing plugins will improve the loading time of your site, improve conversion rates and provide a great user experience.

You also need to keep a check on your on-page SEO using various tools and completely optimize your Magento eCommerce website. There are different Magento website development services provided by companies that help to improve the speed of your website and boost sales and ranking of your eCommerce website.

5. Send personalized emails to prospect customers

Online business has shown significant development over the last few years. Email marketing is one of the most important methods to get in touch with your customers. It is a primary medium that can increase your Magento eCommerce website store’s sales. 

You need to send targeted emails to your specific audiences such as a reminder that says “Your product is waiting in the cart” as it will lower your cart abandonment rate. Using personalized software helps you add each user’s name and a call-to-action button in every customized email which increases the chances of open rates and click-through rates.

6. Handle your negative feedback

Negative Feedback

If a customer has written negative feedback or calls your support team with their problems, you need to carefully listen to them instead of getting defensive and helping them solve their issues. Customers need to feel valued by purchasing from your business so that they become your repeated customers.

You need to learn from their complaints and improve your products and sales process so that it may not affect your future orders and thus improve your eCommerce customer experience.

Social media carries a lot of potential which makes products popular. It also creates mass appeal and generates curiosity among customers. You can add different social media account links to your eCommerce store such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. by which you can showcase your products and as a result, it pushed your eCommerce store’s sales to the next level.

8. Optimize for different payment options

If you provide a limited payment option to your customers, they will switch to other competitors. You need to provide user-friendly and safe and secure payment alternatives and different online payment modes such as credit cards, net banking, PayPal, etc. You can also add Magento extensions that offer payment options across different countries if you want to do global sales. 

This way you will generate more revenue and boost your sales on a long-term basis. You can also hire Magento website development services companies to fix the Magento 2 issues.

9. Offer new products and discounts on your homepage

Homepage plays a major role in engaging new and potential users. You need to optimize your homepage in a way that attracts online buyers. Offering new and latest products and discounts on various products using banners on your homepage will make your eCommerce site stand out from other competitors. 

This technique is also used by some of the biggest online stores such as Amazon. This is the best method to highlight to your customers the latest products available in your stores and thus increase your sales.

10. Get new traffic by running ads and focus on providing customer support

New Traffic

Search engine marketing improves your current marketing strategy and will improve your Magento store’s sales by running ads. Showing ads or retargeting the audience in various search engines or social media channels will generate more curiosity and grab the attention of people.

While targeting an audience, you need to focus only on interested and target customers from a large group audience. 

A great customer support team will help to guide users on your eCommerce website and will ensure that they had a great buying experience from your side. This will also add value to their purchasing journey and their queries will be solved easily at no time. The customer support team will help to build trust and loyal customers.


Several methods can drive more people to your website and encourage them to purchase your products and skyrocket your sales. There’s an additional tip here i.e. to offer promo codes and gift cards that drive more customers on your eCommerce site to boost your Magento store sales.

With this offering, buyers will automatically come to your store whenever they look for a product.

Various companies provide the Magento website maintenance services and will implement all the above points effectively on your Magento site so that you achieve a high return on investment.

Instead of waiting for your customers to find your business, you need to look for ways so that they can land in your eCommerce store. At last, everything goes well customers give good ratings based on overall satisfaction and experience. 


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