10 Proven Video Scripts and Email Templates for Virtual Selling



July 27, 2022·10 min read

Virtual selling is the name of the modern sales game. Here are 10 video scripts and email templates that help real-world sellers break in with prospects remotely.

“Virtual selling” isn’t a new term, but over the last few years, it’s gained serious prominence in the sales world.

Traditionally, outside sales meant face-to-face selling—whether that was via door-to-door sales, in-person customer meetings, or events and conferences.

But then the pandemic changed all that. With outside sales off the table, inside sales—done remotely from an office or over the phone—became the new standard. And even as buyers settle back into old norms, sellers are discovering that their virtual selling tools and tactics are helping them score more replies, meetings, and deals.

In this remote-focused world, it’s up to you to ensure that the customer engagements you were having face-to-face continue seamlessly, even when you’re a city, country, or continent away.

Stumped on how to get started? We got in touch with our partners to find out how their sales teams make virtual connections. In this guide, you’ll discover their winning email scripts and templates (with video examples!) that real sellers use to achieve success with virtual selling.

An example of a video script template for virtual selling.

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