15 Smart And Informative Finance-Focused Resources For Small Businesses


As a small-business owner, it’s important to find high-quality information and educational resources you can trust to help you overcome common obstacles and achieve success. These resources may include finance-focused resources such as magazines, podcasts or blogs that aim to educate business owners about how to make the right financial decisions.

With the large number of online resources out there, it’s hard to know where to begin searching for the best ones for your needs. To help you get started, below, 15 Forbes Finance Council members share their go-to finance blogs, periodicals, podcasts and websites—resources that they believe all small-business owners should be accessing.

1. Bench Blog

One of the most helpful blogs I have seen is Bench Blog, posted by Bench, a bookkeeping service for small businesses. In particular, they have great resources to help entrepreneurs understand Covid relief and what a lot of the new regulations will mean for them. Many of my clients like it, and we have sent many people to the site for this information and the other general business information the blog provides. – Patrick Rood, Rood Financial Services

2. CFO.University

One of my favorite sources of corporate-finance-specific content is CFO.University. The site features a treasure trove of information on accounting, finance, treasury and financial leadership. They have dozens of active contributors and a steady supply of fresh, free content as well as some paid content that includes training courses and programs. – Glenn Hopper, Sandline Global

Forbes Finance Council is an invitation-only organization for executives in successful accounting, financial planning and wealth management firms. Do I qualify?

3. fs.blog

The website fs.blog is a treasure trove! Created by Farnam Street Media Inc., the site is packed with timeless wisdom, with the goal of helping readers and listeners “master the best of what other people have already figured out.” There are loads of great articles, mental models and interviews. There’s great content to level up both personally and professionally. – Gregory Ostrowski, Scarborough Capital Management

4. Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review is full of ideas and strategies. Even though most articles are for large businesses, the creativity and ideas can be leveraged by any small business or startup. I always leave Sunday open for reading and thinking with a good read of HBR. – JD Morris, SPE Funds Advisors LLC

5. National Federation Of Independent Business Owners

Small-business owners should digest the content from the website of the National Federation of Independent Business Owners. This is a nonpartisan organization that lobbies on behalf of small-business owners. Their content keeps you abreast of potential legislative changes that could impact your business. – Darryl Lyons, PAX Financial Group, LLC

6. Nav Blog

For a complete suite of small-business resources, all small-business owners should be reading the blog produced by Nav, which covers small-business lending solutions, the best business credit cards, tax credits, PPP forgiveness and much more. I have been reading this site for many years as a business owner. Motivational speakers are also part of my daily routine to help me reach my goals. – Joseph Lustberg, Upwise Capital

7. Point Road Group Blog

Good marketing practices have a direct financial impact on a business. All small-business owners should read the blog produced by Alyssa Gelbard’s company, Point Road Group. It covers business topics such as corporate branding, team communication, employee training, leadership, networking, executive presence, presentation skills and more. These are good strategic practices to help your company achieve financial success. – Dave Sackett, Visibility Corporation

8. The Reformed Broker

The Reformed Broker will actually make you think. Site creator Joshua M. Brown doesn’t provide forecasts or financial advice; rather, it’s an exploration of financial ideas across statistics, stories and pop culture references that leaves you to draw your own conclusions. – Russ Zalatimo, HUDSONPOINT capital

9. She Owns It

Women entrepreneurs like me are keenly aware of the lack of female voices in finance. That’s why I highly recommend the She Owns It blog as a source of perspective, information and empowerment for all female business owners, founders and aspiring entrepreneurs. Oh, and men can learn a thing or two from it as well! – Amanda Dixon, Barney

10. SmallBizDaily

I enjoy the blog SmallBizDaily. It has great, timely content to help small-business owners not only navigate an ever-changing landscape but also learn some basic fundamentals. That being said, I would highly recommend investing in yourself by engaging a coach or mentor. Reading what to do gives you knowledge, but learning from someone who has already done it provides wisdom. – Ryan Grant, NEO Home Loans

11. Small Business Bonfire

Small Business Bonfire is an excellent resource for small-business owners. This financial blog provides learning materials for new and established entrepreneurs alike. The “Money” page is my favorite section of the site. Since a majority of small businesses that fail do so as a result of financial mismanagement, I’m sure savvy entrepreneurs will utilize this blog to enhance their daily practices. – Mara Garcia, Phonexa Holdings, LLC

12. Twitter And LinkedIn

The best financial content creators are “social blogging.” Head over to Twitter or LinkedIn. You’ll find a lot of smart people building online communities around your specific interests. – Anthony Carlton, Farther

13. The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is at the top of my list—particularly its “Entrepreneurship” section. I recommend that small-business owners read it in detail and don’t just skim the headlines. It contains many nuggets of valuable information from the whole news outlet. – Dr. Philip Fischer, Micro Macro Infinity

14. Region-Specific Websites

The best advice I have for small-business owners is to look to the small-business programs in their area for information. Many provinces and states have websites that refer to local programs, blogs and advice that offer valuable location-specific feedback, such as insights on grants, friendly lenders or discounted hiring tools. These websites can be an incredible tool for finding guidance or direction. – Nick Chandi, ForwardAI

15. Online Communities And Message Boards

I have found subscribing to several sources, skimming the headlines and looking for information on the specific challenges I’m facing to be an effective strategy. If you encounter a problem, chances are that someone else has faced it too, and there is a thread relating to it somewhere. Don’t be afraid to use Google. I have found many useful ideas and solutions in communities and message boards. – Julie Fergerson, MRC / Merchant Risk Council

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