3 reasons why every business should consider Public Liability Insurance


Running a business comes with a seemingly never-ending checklist.

While your days are filled with budgeting, marketing, invoicing, tracking, and keeping your customers and employees smiling, it can be tempting to move Public Liability Insurance to the bottom of your priorities.

But Public Liability Insurance could be considered one of the most important types of business cover.

Here are 3 reasons why it could be essential for your business:

1. There’s no such thing as a private business

Public Liability Insurance protects your business against claims made by the general public for costs resulting from property damage, injuries and death which you are legally liable for. And the general public doesn’t just include clients or customers.

Claims can be made by just about anyone who interacts with your business, whether it’s on-site at your business, at a client’s premises, or even at a customer’s home.

This makes every business a public business, whether you specialise in hospitality, trade, health, retail, real estate, transportation, or entertainment.

Even if you run your business online, you’d still benefit from Public Liability Insurance seeing as your employees may interact with the public when picking up supplies and delivering them to your customers.

2. Interacting with the public comes with risks

You may have put excellent systems in place to run your business as responsibly as possible.

But no matter how well you’ve safeguarded your business against risks, you can’t control every interaction with the public.

Even if you put up warning signs when your business’ floor is wet, a client could slip and fall.

This could lead to medical costs or even a lawsuit.

Likewise, even your most conscientious employee could accidentally break your customer’s television while moving furniture for them, leading to pricy repair costs.

By getting Public Liability Insurance, you ensure that you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket for unpredictable incidents like these.

This could seriously protect your business’ bottom-line, especially in the wake of a costly lawsuit.

3. You could get OUTsurance Public Liability Insurance from as little as R127 a month

Protecting your business doesn’t have to be expensive.

We offer quality, affordable Public Liability Insurance, tailored to your specific business needs.

Our standard package provides cover against damages that your business is legally liable to pay if someone suffers accidental death, bodily injury, illness, or accidental loss or damage to their property.

Depending on your business requirements, you can also add cover for wrongful arrest and defamation, liability caused by products sold or supplied (including wrongful delivery and incorrect goods), defective workmanship, legal defence costs, and damage or injury caused by the spread of veld fires or forest fires.

Get in touch today to get priceless peace of mind at an affordable premium.

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