8 event planning business ideas for Africans


According to Display Wizard, trade shows are profitable revenue channels, and Africans can benefit from the rewarding industry. You can get started with knowledge of corporate event planning and trade show practices. However, trade show planning requires creativity, strategy, and extensive sales knowledge.

If you can evaluate and manage companies’ image at an event, this niche idea is for you. Africans can make money by securing vendors and sponsorship for the event, planning it, and ensuring smooth runs. Consider focusing on industry-specific exhibitions and making money from business trade and consumer shows.

According to Works Up, business networking events bring professionals and entrepreneurs together to share ideas, experiences, and advice. Making connections and networking are integral for business owners and individuals, and Africans can benefit.

Consider this idea if you can create event topic ideas, find a great venue, or integrate innovative technologies to make networking efficient. Choosing this event planning niche will allow you to explore opportunities and reap the rewards with excellent communication skills.

According to Eventistry by Alecia, VIP events planning are profitable and an ideal way to create impactful memories that leave a lasting impression. VIP events are popular occasions with rewarding opportunities for planners in this niche. Africans who can collaborate with brands or have high-value sponsors should consider this lucrative event planning niche.

These events can come in different formats, and no matter who attends, Africans can make money from the special occasions through planning. Focus on creating meaningful interactions and connections for rewarding business opportunities.

According to Qcevent Planning, seminal and corporate meeting planning are lucrative and perfect ways to generate revenues. Meeting planners are professionals making all the presentation and meeting preparations for corporate events and seminars.

This idea is for you if you can plan and schedule meetings, inspect event sites, budget expenses, and establish meeting objectives. You can collaborate with small businesses and workshops to discover techniques and strategies to kick start a career. Besides, learning keeps you up with the latest designs and trends.

According to The Balance Small Business, event planning is a lucrative start-up business idea as events can be complex or straightforward. Africans can benefit from the thriving industry with corporate bonding retreat as they are on the trends again.

These events are adventurous, luxurious, and more anticipated, and Africans can earn a decent income by planning these retreats. If you can charter a yacht for a group, book helicopters, or organize authentic culinary classes, this event planning idea is for you. Besides, this idea can quickly become your most preferred source of income.

According to the Event Manager Blog, planning award ceremonies is a quick way to make money in the event planning industry. Award ceremony planning requires creativity, flexibility, and small group work to plan and execute tasks. If you can plan budgets and design events, consider the award ceremony niche.

Most award ceremonies planners charge per event, and you can earn with proper skills and knowledge. You can make money by coordinating transportation and parking, managing schedules, and overseeing the event.

According to Event Brite, planning unique nonprofit and charity events involves defining your cause and getting people to show up and raise money. The job consists of deciding how to accept donations and market charity events to generate revenue.

Africans who can define goals on paper, create budgets, establish a theme, and target audience can make decent money in this industry. Consider this event planning business niche if you can raise awareness and money or increase the number of people participating in an event.

According to In it live, conferences are integral for business networking and professional development as they bring people together globally. Conferences can be multi-day affairs with different hosts and speakers, including A-list artists, professionals, and celebrities.

Conference planning requires creativity and effective strategies for success, and skilled Africans can benefit. Besides, the process involves planning by industry, location, and size, and Africans can earn a decent income from this rewarding industry.

Africans can earn a decent income with a trade show, networking, and VIP event planning. You can make money by attending seminal and corporate meetings, corporate bonding retreats, and award ceremony planning without national barriers. Africans can benefit from these event planning niche ideas with rewarding opportunities. Now you know the best event planning business ideas for Africans, consider researching each concept more in-depth before investing your time and efforts.

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