Calendly Launches Routing Forms To Increase Screening Abilities



Calendly is an online appointment scheduling platform that aims to help individuals, teams and organizations automate the meeting lifecycle to create a better customer experience. The company launched a new feature called Calendly Routing Forms, which adds screening questions and routing logic to gather information from an inquirer before allowing them to book a meeting. This function can potentially help teams become more productive and provide a customer-centric scheduling experience through their organization’s website.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Calendly Routing Forms automatically evaluates prospect and customer needs before routing them to a specific booking page to schedule a meeting. Routing Forms aims to create a simple and efficient experience by pairing users with the right team member based on their responses to the questions. Admins and owners can make and manage intake forms for teams or export them for internal review. Once published, they can be embedded into a website and/or shared externally by teams via a link. Routing Forms are available on Calendly Professionals, Teams and Enterprise Plans.

Who It’s For

This new feature is built for revenue teams to route requests to the right salesperson, coordinate multiple calendars and empower prospects and customers to book a meeting. Sales teams can prioritize or close leads by scheduling demos based on industry, size or other requirements to connect faster. Marketing teams can direct qualified website visitors to sales immediately by asking similar questions.

What It Solves

In a digital world, prospects and customers expect nearly instantaneous responses or the result is a missed opportunity. Calendly Routing Forms help sales and marketing teams qualify upfront and deliver a customer-centric scheduling experience that generates great first impressions, builds relationships and increases their chances of converting prospects.

What Makes It Special

The feature is native to the platform for ease of use without requiring an additional tool. With “round robin” team scheduling, revenue teams can speed up their sales cycle by routing requests to the next available team member based on defined rules.



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