Cvent Launches App Marketplace



Cvent, a meetings, events and hospitality technology provider, released an App Marketplace, which aims to provide a centralized location for event planners and marketers to discover SaaS solutions and compatible technology partners that connect with Cvent, empowering them to drive event success.

Initial app listings include Salesforce, Google Analytics, Adobe Marketo, Uber for Business, American Express, SAP Concur and more. Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Integrating Cvent event data with a range of apps across key categories, including customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, analytics, networking, travel tech, health and safety and more;
  • Access to a centralized location for all apps and Cvent technology partners to facilitate an easier integration process for users; and
  • Connectors and integrations that enable event data to flow between Cvent and critical SaaS solutions delivering a singular answer.

“Live event programs are now more digital than ever, requiring planners and marketers to leverage multiple technologies to deliver greater impact,” said Brett Fitzgerald, Cvent’s Vice President of Product, in a statement. “But when those technologies aren’t well connected, experiences become disjointed and critical data gets lost. We’ve found that event professionals have the most success when they can run their total event program on one platform and integrate their event data with other business-critical systems and complementary martech solutions. We developed the App Marketplace as a space for us to collaborate and innovate with other leading technology companies to help make that outcome a reality.”


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