Electric Scooter Safety Rules In Los Angeles Guide [2022]



Electric scooters are fascinating for several reasons. They are convenient and easy-to-use modes of transportation.

They are quite user-friendly, inexpensive because they don’t use fuel, are utilitarian, and can easily be used in any terrain, be it mountain, beach, or gravel; and cost less than any regular motorbike.

Electric scooters are extremely environment friendly; they are entirely user-oriented and do not require any training or special driving licence. If you know how to ride a bicycle you can easily use an electric scooter as a mode of transport. Electric scooters are well-designed, safe to ride and operate, practical, and suitable for all ages to ride and speed through the streets anywhere in the city.

However, specific rules and regulations need to be followed in cities worldwide and in Los Angeles. As for novice, before starting to use electric scooters in the city, new riders must acquire knowledge about the local laws and regulations that apply to electric scooter riders and any prerequisite that needs to be observed and followed.

Every city has its Laws regarding driving and owning or using any vehicle. Los Angeles has legalized electric scooters but with specific rules. It is highly recommended to check the legality (age limit, driving license) and the laws of driving electric scooters in Los Angeles.

How to Use an Electric Scooter Safely in Los Angeles

Los Angeles’s Laws for Electric Scooters

Los Angeles is a sprawling city, and many of the city’s areas and jurisdictions have different laws for e-scooters according to the infrastructure and traffic load. The riders must take them into account.

Tourists can easily rent out an e scooter which can help them avoid the traffic jams on LA’s roads and see the city in a completely different light.

1. The Speed Limit for E-Scooters

The e-scooter rider can not disregard the local speed limits. The Los Angeles state law sets a speed limit of 15 mph for electric scooters. Due to this reason, an e-scooter does not have any protection around it to protect the rider.

Most of the pathways designated for an e scooter are for pedestrians. The speed limit is set to protect riders and pedestrians from accidents or mishaps that can cause injuries, and such a law is put in place to evade any such thing from happening. The main reason for setting such a low-speed limit for electric scooters is the foot traffic.

2. Safety Gear Mandate for E-Scooter Riders

Protective gear mandates need to be followed strictly by e-scooter to avoid getting censured or getting a ticket within the city jurisdiction.

The riders of e-scooters must wear safety gear such as helmets and kneepads. Scooter manufacturing companies provide protective equipment with their scooters, often free of cost, including the vehicle, which the user has to put on before riding to avoid injuries.

It is highly recommended to wear safety gear to lower the risk of injury in case of accidents, but if the riders are above the age of 18, they can choose not to wear a helmet during a ride. Riders must choose a suitable helmet for them that is well-fitted and well-padded. A helmet protects your head, face, and neck in case of an accident.

3. Where to Drive Your Electric Scooters

In many parts of Los Angeles, like Santa Monica and West Hollywood, specific pathways and parks have been designated for riding e-scooters and electric bikes. Due to high foot traffic and pedestrian traffic, the electric scooter ride is only possible in selected city areas.

Riders must know the laws regarding riding an electric scooter in Los Angeles. Santa Monica has set up a strict rule about sidewalk riding. The rider would be better off if the law were adhered to during a ride.

Traffic apps can also be used to direct the riders to the designated lanes. If you have a crucial matter at hand and are running late or need to get to a business meeting fast, a ride app wouldn’t help you more than having an electric scooter.

Where to Drive Your Electric Scooters

4. Left-Hand Turn-Taking

The rules are set in place to safeguard the well-being of people. Santa Monica and other Los Angeles cities have a law that dictates that e-scooter riders must dismount and walk if the rider encounters a left turn during the ride.

If you are riding your e-scooter, left turns can be dangerous,  compromising your safety and others around you. It is highly recommended to dismount and walk the distance rather than risking yourself and others. Dismounting during turn-taking eliminates the risk of infringing on the sidewalk and injuring the people around.

Scooter manufacturers market their products with detailed instructions manual. How a rider behaves on the road is directly related to how much the rider knows about the city. Always search for the mandates related to driving e-scooters.

5. No Tandem Riders and Stay Off the Sidewalks

Most cities include plans for bike lanes and cycling paths when they plan infrastructure building. These lanes are meant for bicyclists, and a bike lane means a smooth ride without coming across heavy traffic.

Los Angeles electric scooter riders should only use the bike lanes. It ensures a smooth, safe and easy ride. Search and gather data about the bike lanes, which you could use to plan the ride’s course. It is essential to know that an electric scooter is not meant to be used for tandem riding, and you can not use the sidewalks.

The law in Los Angeles for electric scooters stipulates that the sidewalk must be accessible for pedestrians, and no vehicle encroachment is allowed. It is illegal, and doing so can result in a fine or ticket. The sidewalks must be clear for pedestrians.

The weight limit set by the scooter companies clearly states that; the electric scooter is suitable for only one person ride. Los Angeles Scooter Pros specifies that each product and the riders must use the e-scooters according to the directions.

6. Valid Driver’s License

It is ideal to have your paperwork up-to-date and on you at all times if you need proof that you can drive an automatic bike or scooter.

You don’t need a special license if your motorized ride won’t go faster than 25 km/h and you have a regular driving license, but we wouldn’t recommend using it to drive your vehicle down the sidewalk. Several apps are available that will help you store essential details, so they are always accessible no matter where you may be at any given moment.

A municipal transit app is also helpful. This makes it much easier to plan trips in the city without the worry of getting lost or stressing yourself out while trying to read maps while trying not to bump into anyone around town.

And if you are driving in any other city, you should learn about the local laws for Los Angeles electric scooters or bike rides.

7. Do Not Ride Under the Influence

The laws related to driving are pretty much uniform across the globe. You are not supposed to drive intoxicated, and this rule applies equally everywhere.

Always use an app like Lyft if you are riding a scooter in the evening hours when it is getting darker or if you are generally a passenger. Scooters, motorcycles, and even some types of bicycles can be parked in parking lots where these modes of transport can be left overnight inside dedicated spots that won’t hurt them (or damage others’ property).

If your scooter is rented by a company but is under your name, you will still be able to call them up just before leaving the scooter so that they can come over to pick it back up once you’ve finished travelling on it for the day. Following the rules is most important while using any vehicle.

8. California Vehicle Code (CVC)

California Vehicle Code is a set of rules called the CVC written explicitly for California, covering almost everything from intoxication to crosswalk rules. Some of which are nearly the same as for any other vehicle. Learning about a city’s or a state’s local rules for micro-mobility will help you navigate the place without getting into any trouble.

Electric scooters are crucial in today’s fast-paced and continuously evolving world. Climate change, rising fuel costs, and issues with keeping a gas-run vehicle are slowly paving the way for an era of micro-mobility.

Cities everywhere are embracing the new “green” vehicles. Manufacturing companies are trying to make scooters the hit trend and the most happening mode of transport in the future. Setting up a relevant pilot program is essential because it enables you to test any new idea for later potential. 

If you ever want to upgrade your business’ fleet of vehicles, being more streets’ friendly and low-cost, Los Angeles Scooter Pros has some of the best designs in the business. You can always shop its models from stores near you or purchase them online at a discount.

Take, for example, the Urban Drift OffRoad E-Scooter. It is the perfect choice if you plan to go to the beach or cruise around town. Since you are allowed to do 15 mph in the city of California, LA, this electric scooter would be perfect. Whether you are a native or a tourist, with the 10-inch tires and stellar grip, this electric scooter is an ideal vehicle to move through LA’s dense traffic.

Electric Scooter Safety Rules in Los Angeles Guide [2022]

9. Cracking the Code

For using your new e scooter in Los Angeles, there is only a simple code that needs to be known: always follow regulations.

The data generated by studying countless traffic patterns is precisely why such a code exists in the first place. Follow the code, protect yourself and others from harm, and become mobile in the best way possible.

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