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We seem to have another confirmed update starting on April 13th, right after the product reviews update finished. Google has finished rolling out the March 2022 product reviews update. Alan Kent from Google said writing in your product reviews content that you tested the product is not enough to show Google the content was really tested. Google also said not all product comparison content trigger the product reviews update. Google said there is no technical method to gain featured snippets. Google said negative SEO is not a thing and disavowed those misconceptions again. Google updated the words around automatically generated content, kind of, to say it is only an issue with its intended to manipulate the search rankings. Google Discover traffic is not impacted by adding navigation links to your menu. Google’s highly cited label is now live and so is the trusted store badge. Google search added more ways to add products to there product comparison feature in search. Google is testing a people also ask play and listen to button. Google local search has browse by products and browse by story. Google Maps is testing overlaying the local listing as a box on the map, which I kind of like. Microsoft is testing Bing Insights sub-snippets and they are also testing refinement bubbles on people also ask. Microsoft Advertising is rolling out seasonality adjustments. Google Ads launched a new dashboard for managers to see reporting across multiple accounts. Google also added a new way to create custom columns in Google Ads. Google said audience signals jumpsuit the Performance Max campaigns but also continue to inform going forward. Wishing you all a successful tax day, happy Easter and Passover! And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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