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How it started: Six friends. Six desks. 

So we set to, creating a next-generation marketing platform. It started small: six friends, six desks. Truth be told, it wasn’t easy. Long nights, steep learning curves, plus the occasional hard-to-swallow lessons, took their toll, but we stuck it out.

Fueled by a desire to create the first platform-of-choice for marketers, we spoke with our customers and integrated their feedback into the solutions we created. Our desire to keep improving and delivering on that promise for our customers got the attention of not only marketers, but also analysts and investors.  

Our major milestone came when we became the first company in Turkey and the third company in Europe to attract investment from Sequoia. Now, with our Series D and $1.22B valuation, we’re not slowing down. 


Over the last decade, we’ve grown to more than 700 employees, across 28 countries and 41 nationalities. I’m incredibly proud to say that we are a women-led organization: 60% of top executives in the company, including the CEO, CMO, CFO, and CHRO are women. In the past three years we grew 3X and we welcomed market-leading brands, including ALDO, PUMA, McDonald’s, Unilever, Pizza Hut, Clarins, L’Oréal, Adidas, New Balance, Santander, Madeira Madeira, and more.

Humanizing customer experiences

People produce a mind-boggling amount of data every day. And 90% of that data was produced in the last two years. Data has tremendous applications, but only if it’s usable and connected to an actionable platform. That’s exactly what we’re building for marketers: a powerful, yet easy-to-use cross-channel personalization platform that enables them to use the data they have to build relevant and meaningful journeys for their customers. 

We are helping brands humanize customer experiences. Imagine a mother of three, coming back from work, stuck in traffic, typing away on WhatsApp to her nanny. At that moment, knowing she is active on her mobile, Insider triggers a WhatsApp notification reminding her about the abandoned diapers in her cart. Plus, she gets 15% off if she makes the purchase in the next hour. She feels so grateful towards the brand who caught her at the right time, reminded her of something vital she forgot and gave her a discount. To win your customers’ hearts, that’s the level of individualization you need to deliver as a brand. 

Brands that want to become unicorns need a relentless focus on data-driven experience and a genuine desire to understand and serve their customers. Insider gives them the tools to do both. 

So what’s the next chapter of our story? 

Expansion. Our Series D will help drive our global footprint, enhance our core technologies, and grow our sales and marketing teams. We’re looking to add 2,000 employees to our team over the next four years and are committed to hiring women engineers to fill R&D and product development roles. 

Most importantly, we will continue to challenge traditional marketing technologies with the widest array of industry-first products for AI-powered personalization on emerging messaging apps such as WhatsApp, RCS, Facebook Messenger, and SMS.

And we wouldn’t have reached this incredible milestone without our global community of 1,000+ customers creating “something better.” Your ingenious ideas, driven by your vertical’s specific needs, have shaped our product. You continue to inspire us, and we’re delighted to co-create the future of customer experience together.

Finally, thank you to every Insider. It’s because of your extraordinary dedication and hard work that we’re where we are today. Your sparks of insight fuel our transformation and move us forward.

As we always say, builders gotta build. If you think you’re made to build and nothing makes you feel more alive. We’re hiring, everywhere. Check out our open positions:


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