Here’s What Digital Presence Is And Hacks To Create A Digital Presence In 2022.



Are you looking for ways to build a digital presence for your business? Or how to get online marketing presence for business, then you are in the right page.

Digital presence or online presence can be of great advantage to getting more leads as people search for what you offer online — and it’s also a great tactic to boost your business and increase your reach and online presence, and above all make more income.

In this post, I will guide you through the ways to on how to build an online presence for your local business, from building a website, choosing a social media platform to local business listings and review sites.

Let’s get started.

What is Digital Presence?

Digital presence is the process of using all digital marketing channels and strategies to advertise a business’s product and services on the internet which also includes digital gadgets like Televisions, mobile phones and digital billboards.

Online entrepreneurs are face with how to do digital marketing, as it’s the new path to establish your business presence online, drive more customer and sales and building online community.

Digital marketing is the leading marketing trend in recent time and the best way to promote your business and gain brand recognition, as most experts says it is the best way on how to build an online presence for your local business.

What is Marketing Presence?

Marketing presence is the process of gaining presence amongst other competitions by promoting, selling products or services, as well as market research and advertising. It’s one of the basic components for brand exposure and recognition of business organization and commerce.

In a straightforward lingo, marketing presence is the way you gain brand recognition by driving valuable customer into taking relevant actions. Its extents to a detailed range of strategies and tactics organizations you can use to place products and services in the marketplace, and inspire your targeted audiences to buy. 

How Do You Create a Digital Presence For your local Business.

To create a digital marketing presence for your business, here are the steps you must follow;

Websites and Digital Presence.

I will show you how important is digital presence in this present age. The very best way to go online is starting a website or a blog. Previously, websites are just like online banners or brochures that show visitors the 3Ws i.e. the who, what and where.

But in recent times, as a result of technological advancement and increase in tech skills, website designers and CMS software like WordPress, Squarespace, blogger, wix and other website builders has changed the status quo. Websites has more features to offer to its visitors.

You might be asking a question like Is a website necessary for business? Or does my small business need a website? My answer is a very BIG yes; you can’t really success without going online, but you will get to know other methods of setting up an online marketing presence.  

The main important factor in building a website for your business is to think of what your website’s intent to shore up your business goals.

Building Digital Presence Strategy with Local Listing

Before we get started with building your digital presence with local listing, it important you get informed on what local listing really is. What is local listing, you might be asking?

What is Local Listing?

Local business listing is a collection of assets that contain your business details like your name, address, your contact number, your service time or hour of services and other data.

The directory that provides this platform are free to use, but your business information must be manually inputted.

Local listing has made it possible for business to go online without having a website. Let me cite this example, for better understanding: If you have a fashion shop and you want people to find you online with or without website.

Let assume someone somewhere within your locality is looking for ‘fashion shop near me’ on search engine and reviewed your preference. Website for fashion shop might show up or there might be an awesome preference in local listings.

Platforms like Google My Business and Bing Places for Business are good local listings for creating online marketing presence. You can publish information like descriptions, location, review and images of your business in these directories.

These listing are an awesome way to help small businesses appear on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) whenever people enter a query, also know that these local business listing are free and a good way to build an online presence.

Another method to create internet marketing presence aside local listings is having a review website for a particular kind of business that enables people to leave feedback on your product and service and you reply to them. It will give you an edge over another competitor. 

Building an Online Presence using social media and Mobile App

Social Media Usage Stats

Social media is another way of how to get internet presence for your business. Facebook and Twitter are crowded with people all around the world, these platforms are used for commentaries, reviews. These platform acts as pages or in some cases it substitutes a website.

Mobile app is another means you can boost your internet and online presence for your business. 51.65% of the total global online traffic was produced with mobile phones. All smart phones contain apps of different sort and features with its own functions. Your customers can get mobile apps you have created.

With smart phone’s exclusive features like mapping, GPS and phone, apps can use these features to hook up with your customers. With GPS, app can send your customers your special offer.

With your business’s app on your customer’s phone, they can place orders, tap to make payment after which they can walk down your shop to pick it up and bypass the queue.

Mobile apps most times, uses coupon to encourage present and regular buyers to return and properly get some free items.

Now that we have discussed about how to build a digital presence for your business using local listing, social media and mobile apps, next you’ll learn the basics like how website works, how to choose and buy a proper domain name, how to make your online intent pleasant and friendly to every of your users and also complement your business goals.

All these are the features of digital marketing presence. Let’s get started

Users Goal for A Website: How Website Works

In this section, I will make it plain and not too techy, I promise. I will take you through how websites work. What function is web servers and domain names and how to get started.

What make a good digital presence are your website strategies and goals, and you might want to know why your business needs a website. To summarizes what website can do;             

What a website can do:

  • Introducing you and your business to people around the global
  • It answers to people’s question
  • People can chat we experts via a website
  • It helps people make inquiries
  • Read product reviews
  • Connect you to the world
  • Watch video and buy online products – the list is unlimited.

A website gives the chances to increase your digital presence, as it is your office on the internet, you are hiring a space on the server. Your website is where potential buyers will come and know about your business and learn more about your product and services.

The server has a lot of tools to take care of your website automatically but I will be giving you an overview of behind-the-scenes happenings, as promised, I won’t be too technical so let’s get started.

A Server: this is a computer linking with the web, using software to host your website which includes the code for your site, images, video clips and the other make-up of your website.

The server helps you serve your website content to search engine when someone request to viewing your page. There are many hosting companies that are willing to let you a space on the server and host your website.

Another feature of a server is that it has its own address called IP (internet protocol) address, it’s helps to connect to the internet from the server. All you need to get this IP address is to choose a nice domain name to reference it.

Domain Name: this is just the name you want to be known for online, by whoever visits your website, to improve your personal online presence.

You will need to choose a cool, readable and easy-to-remember name like; if you want to target a global audience or; if you want to target a specific geographic region like UK. Your domain name is actually your ‘yourbusinessname’.

Your domain name is what makes a good online presence impression to anyone who knows your domain name.

With your domain name, people can discover your website, it’s important. It could be a tablet, a smartphone or a laptop that is make use of, it will communicate with the server.

The server in turn replies the devices with the needed information found on your website — images, scripts and the code found on your website.

How to Create Online Presence for Business:

In this section, you’ll understand the ways to create a professional digital presence for business that help elevate you brand for what I call brand exposure and recognition.

So, let’s dive in.

Website Goals and Objectives

I will guide you through ways to make your website goals and objective connect or unite with your visitors’ query.

The main aim is to get you customers play around website easily and achieve their desires. Ultimately, a well satisfied customer equals a successful business growth.

Are you ready to get started?

How to choose a domain name?

The first step to choosing a domain name is to ensure it connect with your business intent and to check for it available online. You can use this domain checker by Bluehost to check your domain availability.

No two domain name can exist on the internet.

Feature of a good domain name

  • Easy to remember
  • Let it be short and simple
  • Let it be relevant
  • Blend with your business intent

Ensure to take a good extension, I recommend the ‘.com’ or ‘.net’ for global targeting or the ‘’ for a specific country targeting. There are other things and tools your need, just for the sake of simplicity in this post, you can read up a full guide to start a business website here.

Let us take a look at some most likely sections of a website.

You may want to read more about what a domain is before choosing one.

Website Pages and Sections

Let’s quickly look at the pages and section that are very appropriate for your business website and that’ll help your visitors navigate through easily.

Home Page:

This is the first landing page, it’s where a visitor lands on your website.Your homepage is just like your office window where every visitor gets an overview of your business is all about and also let your visitors navigate to other pages. Your navigation menu allow visitor to get familiar with other section of your web pages.

The how can I increase my website presence question can be answered first with the way you structure and organize your website.

The organization of your website is very important. You can begin by thinking about how organized are those websites you regularly visit.

Then the next is to put in consideration the kind of content you want dish out to people, you won’t want to put out scrape and irrelevant content out there but great and unique content that will engage your visitors and get them coming back.

You can learn how to create unique and engaging content here. One of the best tools that can help you create and organize your content is SEMRUSH.

Before I forget, there are plenty website-building tools designed to give your business a website template to you get started.          

The About Page:

To build an online presence for your local business, it’s important to include the about page to inform your visitors the story of your online business and also remember to insert images in the gallery section to showcase your best work.

Contact Page:

As you set up a digital presence, you will want visitors to contact you should there be any feedback or any questions. It’s also a page to reveal to your visitors that you are not just online but have a physical location offline where they are seeing you face-face.

Terms Of Service:

This is most times a legal page that informs your visitors the legal terms backing your business and your online visitors. You can get a lawyer to write the terms of service for your website and your business.

Privacy Policy:

this page informs your visitors about the data policy and how you make use of their data.

It’s also important to set things very easy for your visitors to get the information they want, like your working times, or your business crucial intent and how to submit an online order.

Let’s talk about the content on the pages themselves.

It’s important to include the About and Contact headings to every page for easy navigation. This way, people can always navigate anywhere easily or back to where they were once visited.

On it also, should contain text or words: paragraph, headlines, relevant lists, images and video.

You can use text and images to link up with other pages either within your own page or on the internet when they click them. These links are called hyperlinks

Some other features that is important to your online presence is inclusion of forms where your visitors can ask you questions, maps for directions to your shop to buy directly.

The beginning of how to build an online presence for your local business is to build a website, but you may choose to use social media platform or local listings.

Your business website is your online store and also a great way to setting up an online marketing presence, you also connect with new customers.

Picking the right domain name for your online business, having your website well organized and including the need features will help your online visitors find you easily and get what they are looking for.

Final Take On How to Build a Professional Digital Presence

Now that you are through on how to create an online presence for your local business. Starting a website for your digital marketing presence, you should understand website goals and objectives and how it works together with your business goal.

Hosting your website on a server will help connect the internet with your visitors whenever they search for keywords linking your business.

You now know that website contains many segments, but you must build and connect them beautifully, then you are sure to increase your digital presence and become successful.

The major factor of using a social media, website, local listings, mobile apps or all of them combined is to think of what customers wants, design an online home to meet the goals.

Ultimately, all this works together as your online shop, your space to communicate with online customers.

Do you have any other opinion to this post? Drop your suggestions in the comment box.

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