How To Find Truck Drivers? Easy Guide For Employers [2023]


Life as a truck driver can be difficult. Long, lonesome days with little access to good food options are what truckers sacrifice in exchange for their normal lives. They frequently experience disdain from other motorists and the employers they work for. Finding qualified truckers is tough due to these difficulties.

Even businesses that are successful in luring truck drivers struggle to maintain them once they have first-hand experience with the lifestyle. The severe truck driver shortage that exists in America at the moment is evidence of all of this.

People always look for the highest paying owner operator trucking companies when finding a trucking job so whenever you list a trucking job, make sure you offer a good salary. In this article, we will help you know how you can find truck drivers for your company.

For Your Website, Use SEO

1. For Your Website, Use SEO

When someone looks for something online, they frequently only look at the first few pages of results. They seldom ever look at pages two or three of search engine results.

Similar to how you want your business and job ad to appear toward the top of the search results page when drivers are looking for work. Utilizing SEO, or search engine optimization can help with this.

One of the best ways to get Google and other search engines to give your website a greater priority and move it up the results list is through SEO for logistics and trucking.

2. Job Board Management  

Many carriers are wary of posting their openings on job platforms because they’ve had bad experiences in the past. It is reasonable to be on the fence. The cost of job board advertising is rising, and there is no assurance that any particular job board will perform best.

However, one of the finest locations to find qualified truck drivers is still job boards. On job boards, you will only come into contact with active job seekers. In contrast, advertising on other platforms would reach a mix of passive and active seekers.

3. Use Cutting Edge Technology

Does your business employ cutting-edge technologies to maximize its efficiency? If so, you must display it!

Good truck drivers seek employment with businesses that utilize cutting-edge technology to simplify their life as drivers. Additionally, they want to work for a business that routinely purchases new trucks.

The logistics software that shortens driver routes and extends their home time is an example of how cutting-edge technology makes life easier for drivers. 

Make sure prospective drivers are informed if your business is employing new technology, leasing new trucks, or any other new technology. Good truck drivers seek employment with organizations that will simplify their life.

4. Geotargeting for the Hiring of Truck Drivers

With the use of modern technologies, recruiters can target narrow populations of potential drivers. A location-based advertising tactic is geotargeting. You select a certain target area and pay to have your advertisements sent to residents there. Your advertising will be seen if you strategically place your targets where quality drivers visit.

Your geo-targets should be placed at truck stops along your routes, nearby CDL schools, hiring occasions, and even rival truck lots.

Ultimate Guide on How to Find Truck Drivers

Ultimate Guide on How to Find Truck Drivers

Online hiring for truck drivers is more common than ever. Businesses are finding that they can effectively advertise directly to the drivers they want. If you follow this advice, your business will understand how to find qualified truck drivers online.

  • For Your Website, Use SEO.
  • Geotargeting for the Hiring of Truck Drivers.

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