How to Turn Life’s Lemons Into Lemonade


This article is a shift in terms of focus. Although relevant for the fields of business development and growth, the theme of this article is on personal development before business development.

I’ve always been a huge fan of sales gurus and personal growth experts like Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie, etc. While initially thinking these guys were full of ‘it’ and irrelevant; now, with time and experience having matured me to a reasonable level (I hope), I’ve come to not only attest to truths that these guys and others live by and teach, but also their beliefs and wisdom are very relevant and timeless.

One of the core truths taught and deeply ingrained into my subconscious is the following: failures in life will either strengthen and motivate you to grow and develop or they have the very real ability to break you down.

What do I mean when I say failures in life? Well, quite simply, these are the moments in our lives that the results and outcomes come totally different and often more severe than we had anticipated. Whether it’s a job loss, divorce, eviction, bankruptcy, failed job interview, a blown investment, or being defrauded by someone, we all face these challenges at one time in life or another.

The key that I’ve learned about these negative life events is that you have A CHOICE in how you respond. The thing that keeps most of us in ‘ruts’ of negativity, isolation, and hopelessness is that we allow ourselves to be motivated by fear in a wrong way. Rather than thinking about how worse and severe a negative life event can become, why not choose to be motivated by the fear of the situation to take hold of hope. Choose to take a strong hold of hope and never let go no matter how bad it hurts or feels.

Now here’s another underlying truth in being motivated by the fear of negative life events: don’t labor your mind or put a heavy burden on yourself for solving your problems overnight; instead, relax, rest, and remain positive. What I’ve learned and continue to grow in is that more than likely the answer needed to resolve the problem(s) is right under your nose or floating somewhere in your mind. How do these ‘uh huh’ moments happen? Truly in the most odd ways possible to be completely honest. There’s no secret formula (or at least one that I’ve found that works) or secret sauce that induces these moments, but here’s one way to put yourself in the state of mind to increasing their frequency: relax, live life, serve others well, listen more than you speak, forgive completely, and love sincerely.

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