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After being recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave for Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Gartner Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines, and IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Customer Data Platforms focused on Front-Office Users 2021-22 Vendor Assessment, we have firmly positioned ourselves as a top leader in the marketing software industry by securing our position as the #1 leader with the highest scores on all the product categories in G2’s Summer 2022 Report

Here’s what G2’s very own analyst has to say about our product suite-

Insider stands out as a leader on all grids and indexes on the G2 Summer‘22 Report

With over 5 million+ buyers checking out software providers and looking for validation from peer-to-peer review platforms before making a decision, the onus is now on the software vendors to have a solid presence on these platforms. G2 has established itself as the ultimate platform for peer-to-peer reviews which buyers refer to while assessing vendors.

The fact that we lead multiple G2 grids and indexes in the Summer 2022 report is a testament to our customers who offer unmatched and deep insights into our product capabilities, unparalleled performance, and customer support. For the 22nd quarter in a row, we’ve been named as a leader across multiple product categories on G2. By leading the numerous grids and indexes across various categories, we have truly cemented our position as a global leader in the marketing technology space. 

Based entirely on these unbiased reviews from over 400 of our customers, we’ve achieved an average user satisfaction score of 4.7/5 on G2 where 85% of our users rated us 5 stars – which is the highest in the market. 

Apart from topping the grid reports of the respective categories, we’ve also topped multiple regional grid reports and indexes-

  • #1 Leader on Europe Grid Report for Mobile Marketing 
  • #1 Leader on Europe Grid Report for Personalization
  • #1 Leader on APAC Grid Report for Mobile Marketing 
  • #1 Leader on the Results Index for Mobile Marketing
  • #1 Leader on the Results Index for Customer Journey Analytics
  • #1 Leader on the Results Index for E-Commerce Personalization
  • #1 Leader on the Relationship Index for Personalization
  • #1 Leader on the Relationship Index for Customer Data Platform
  • #1 Leader on the Relationship Index for E-Commerce Personalization
  • #1 Leader on the Usability Index for Mobile Marketing
  • #1 Leader on the Usability Index for Personalization
  • #1 Leader on the Usability Index for Customer Data Platform

The satisfaction of our customers is indicated by our extremely high scores across assessment parameters –

98% of our users believe in our visionary product roadmap and a testament to this belief is that 96% of them would recommend us to prospective customers. 

We also topped the other categories like ease of doing business with, ease of set up, and quality of support. 98% of our customers are impressed with the exceptional support from our regional customer support teams. 

Topping the mobile marketing grids and indexes with the highest score

We’ve been a leader on G2’s mobile marketing grid for 22 consecutive quarters now, a testament to our customers’ love for our mobile web and mobile app products optimized for powerful engagement and conversion. 

We have outplayed all providers on the Mobile Marketing Grid Report and stand out as the leader with the highest overall score of 90. Users have rated us for our robust mobile marketing capabilities, impressive AI-driven recommendations and the ability to deliver individualized experiences across channels.

We help brands segment customers with our robust campaign analysis and custom dashboards. From mobile web and mobile app experiences to engagement on messaging channels like SMS, WhatsApp, and emails to crafting push notifications and in-app messages, brands can build personalized engagements with their customers from any of these channels. 

As a means of personalized engagement, brands can opt to send out coupons and promotions and this is a feature where we score above our competitors by a significant margin. Push notifications has been captured as the most powerful engagement channel with a score of 97.  

Users have also rated our mobile marketing experience for:

  • Accurate dynamic segmentation capabilities
  • Integrated mobile web, push notifications and in-app engagement features
  • Wide range of use-case templates for easy campaign management
  • Extensive reporting and performance monitoring

Leading the Personalization Grid Report

We rank the highest among all providers in the Personalization Grid Report with an overall score of 93. Users from across industries such as retail, beauty and cosmetics, apparel and fashion, and consumer electronics have rated us for our advanced capabilities in delivering individualized cross-channel experiences.

G2’s Summer 2022 report indicates that we have the largest market presence among providers in Personalization with a score of 96. Our advanced AI capabilities like Next Best Channel, Send Time Optimization, and A/B winner auto-selection enables brands to send personalized messages to the right customers at the right time on the right channel. 

Emerging as a market leader in Customer Journey Analytics

We also rank as the #1 leader in the Customer Journey Analytics Grid Report with an average score of 95, comfortably ahead of all the competitors. Using our best-in-class suite of products, our customers have been able to build AI-powered personalized cross-channel journeys effortlessly. 

Our solid dynamic segmentation coupled with cross-channel journey orchestration helps brands craft powerful, individualized experiences across channels like website, mobile app, mobile web, push notifications, email, SMS, and WhatsApp. 

Our custom dashboards help marketers gather insights from campaigns executed and also tailor their upcoming campaigns based on the performances observed. Combining this ability with the power of AI which helps brands engage on the most preferred channel of their customers has helped them scale massively. 

Remarkable growth to become the leader in the Customer Data Platform space

We ended 2020 as the #7 leader with an overall score of 70 in the Customer Data Platform (CDP) Grid Report. Fast forward to the summer of 2022 and we’ve moved up to #2 with an overall score of 94. The growth has been immense and the customers have given their vote of confidence with a Net Promoter Score of 91 and user satisfaction score of 98, the highest in the industry. 

Our CDP stitches data from all sources, both offline and online to provide a single, unified 360o  view of each customer. The CDP becomes the single source of truth for our customers when it comes to their customer data. Marketers can also get a consolidated view of the data from our Unified Customer Profile (UCP) solution. 

G2’s Summer 2022 report is a justification of the growth our Customer Data Platform has witnessed over the past year and the exceptionally high satisfaction ratings given by our customers shows that we are indeed the #1 choice for brands looking for a CDP solution. 

Consolidating our position as the leading cross-channel customer engagement platform across geographies

Our long-term goal has always been to become the #1 software solution provider in the cross-channel customer engagement space all over the world. Having started in Turkey 10 years ago and after establishing ourselves in markets like EMEA and APAC, we started spreading ourselves in the Americas. 

The G2 Summer 2022 Report has recognized us as the #1 personalization and mobile marketing solution in the Asia, Asia Pacific, and Europe markets.

Topping the Results Index with the Fastest Time to Value

Our mobile marketing suite offers a wide range of capabilities to deliver diverse marketing campaigns that target smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices across the mobile web and mobile app, and also with app push notifications. We also enable marketers to achieve results at a quick turnaround – with the estimated ROI period being 7 months.

The report shows that the average time in months before customers start realizing the ROI is around 12 months. However, our powerful AI-driven segmentation and robust personalization suite ensure that brands are able to start realizing their ROI much sooner. We deliver up to 2X faster time to value. Seeing value in double quick time has made us a favorite amongst brands looking for a mobile marketing and cross-channel engagement platform. 

Here’s a glimpse of the love our customers have showered on us

What Insider’s Growth Management Platform can do for your cross-channel marketing strategy

With customer behavior evolving rapidly in a mobile-first and messaging-first era, it’s critical for you to have the right tools to create, track, optimize, and personalize experiences for each user at scale. 

Having a mighty platform with powerful capabilities isn’t enough by itself. You need to have a solid foundation to get up and running. You need the full support of a marketing expert community behind you that’s already tested and learned, taking the guesswork and initial growing pains out of the learning curve for you.

Whether it is from scratch, semi-customized, or ready-to-launch templates, you have the freedom and flexibility to build customer journeys and market them the way you want to. With Insider, you can start building individualized cross-channel experiences with speed and intelligence from our support teams that will steer you towards success. 

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