Internet Home Business Idea – Attract Traffic and Cash on Demand


Do you want traffic and cash on demand? If you answered yes then make sure you apply these 7 simple steps.

Here’s a killer 7 block formula that attracts traffic and cash beyond your wildest dreams…

1. Research article ideas.

2. Write article body in step by step format.

3. Write article introduction.

4. Write article conclusion.

5. Write article headline.

6. Write article resource box.

7. Submit articles to article directories.

The purpose of this article is to make you cash and attract traffic at will writing and submitting quality articles.

Check out this 7 block formula in detail where you will learn how to write a sizzling traffic pulling article and submit them to attract cash and traffic…

Step 1 – Research article ideas.

Visit top article directories like and read some articles out there.

Visit and search for your niche keyword. You will get tons of information related to your niche by using this tactic. Get ideas by reading the content out there and write your own article in your own words with the knowledge and ideas that you have gained by reading articles in your niche.

Do not copy content of other publishers, it is illegal and can get you in problems.

Step 2 – Write article body in step by step format.

The very first thing I do is pour out everything from my brain whatever I know about the topic. I do this in a step by step format as I am doing it right now in this article.

Step 3 – Write article introduction.

Write a simple introduction where you introduce the article topic as to what are you explaining in the article. It should be of one or two sentences.

Step 4 – Write article conclusion.

Article conclusion includes your view points about the article that you have written and what the visitors can do to apply the tactics and information that you have shown in the article.

Or you can simply conclude what you have said in the article.

Step 5 – Write article headline.

Your article headline should be interesting. To make sure that it is catchy either…

1. Convey a strong benefit that your readers will receive by reading your article OR…

2. Focus on a problem that your visitor is facing and how your article will solve it.

These points will make sure to boost response of your article.

Step 6 – Write article resource box.

Give a call to action in your article resource box. Give them a strong benefit to click on your link and visit your website.

Donot try to sell your product in your resource box. Either give them something for free and get them to your website. Once they signup as your subscriber, you can then easily sell your products and services through your follow up system.

Step 7 – Submit articles to article directories.

Now that your article is created submit it to as many article directories as you can.

Search with keyword “article directories” in quotes. You will get hundreds of them.

Start submitting your article out there or outsource someone to do this job for you as it is a boring repetitive work. You can even signup with an article distribution service like ‘Article Marketer’ that will handle your article submission work.

Just apply these 7 simple steps whenever you need more traffic and cash. If you do things right you will see a rush of traffic to your website and make money while building up your list and selling your products and services.

Learn everything you can in the field of article marketing and see your profits explode.

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