McDeck Helps Public Speakers, Entrepreneurs, and Startups Pitch their Ideas with Innovative Pitch Deck Solutions


McDeck is an American company that specializes in crafting custom pitch deck solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs.

McDeck is a US-based company that designs pitch decks for startups and founders who don’t want to use the same old deck templates and structures from the internet like everyone else. According to their CEO, customers will get “a deck that provokes anything but yawning – in 3 days. Unlimited revisions included.”

Glossophobia is a medical term for a “fear of public speaking.” It may sound intimidating, but the reality is that Glossophobia is one of the main reasons why presentations, and later pitches, fail. 

This condition is widespread and is often tied to minor or major anxiety regarding public speaking. According to the latest research, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs feel anxious before and while giving a public presentation. Despite rigorous preparation and visualization of the event, both experienced and rookie speakers struggle to overcome anxiety while on the stage. 

Entrepreneurs fear awkward silence and forgetting the lines and crucial numbers, which often leads to stuttering, digressions, and visible confusion.

To fight this problem, many speakers use pitch decks. They allow speakers to illustrate key points in speeches and use them as guidance throughout a presentation. However, there is a small problem – nearly everyone uses a deck now. To top it all off, early-stage startups have to focus on finding the right story for VCs. They often have no time for anything other than downloading “proven” templates and inserting text. As over 10,000 other startups do, too. 

Investors have seen almost every type of deck there is, “almost” being the critical word. 

McDeck is a company that specializes in creating different pitch decks at reasonable fees. What makes the service especially appealing is that they offer a turnaround time of just seven days and unlimited revisions.

While many freelance designers (and even agencies) limit their revisions, McDeck will polish the pitch deck of its customers until they are completely satisfied.

Helmed and led by a team of senior designers, McDeck is fighting against boring pitch decks and fear of public speaking. Entrepreneurs and startups that opt for using McDeck services will be able to present their businesses to potential investors self-confidently.

While many companies have a clear-cut niche, McDeck openly invites startups, companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals of all calibers to the fold because “everybody deserves a great presentation.”

McDeck offers a variety of pricing plans and packages, ensuring that the company’s services can be engaged flexibly.

The number of pages and design are the two key factors that affect the end pricing. The three standard packages McDeck offers are:

–  15-page (delivered in just seven days)
–  30-page (delivered even faster in just three days)
–  Custom offer for which you can request a quote.

They are priced differently to accommodate the budgets and needs of all clients, from aspiring entrepreneurs to up-and-coming startups to established enterprises.

Besides pitch decks, McDeck also offers an opportunity to learn more about crafting a pitch deck from scratch. By entering their email address in the appropriate field, the website’s visitors will receive a free PDF guide that teaches the fundamental elements of the perfect pitch deck.

McDeck’s unusual approach to pitch deck design business has led many to use the company’s services, even after learning how to create a deck themselves.

More information about McDeck and its services is available on McDeck’s official website.

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