More businesses and residential development coming to Newberry


According to the 2020 U.S. Census, the City of Newberry’s population grew. The city’s mayor said more businesses have also been opening in the Newberry.

NEWBERRY, S.C. — According to numbers from the 2020 U.S. Census, Newberry County’s population declined by a little more than 200 people over a 10 year period. While the City of Newberry’s population grew by about 400. As proof of that growth, the town’s mayor says the city has been welcoming more business and development—which are helping the local economy. 

“I have seen Newberry improve and grow over the years that I’ve been here,” said Newberry resident Marquetie Palmer. 

Palmer moved to the City of Newberry in 1993. She said over the last decade, Newberry has developed into a great city. 

“It’s a good mix of the big box and the small mom-and-pop businesses that we have like these downtown, that offer really unique things also,” Palmer said. “So, it’s a great variety for the community and the people that live here.”

According to the city’s Mayor, Foster Senn, Newberry has been experiencing a lot of economic progress within the last year. 

“Some new stores just opened,” Mayor Senn said. “Harbor Freight, they got off to a good start. Popeyes opened a couple weeks ago. Big Lots opens tomorrow (May 12). There’s a new Huddle House that’s coming, so that’s some of the retail stores that are coming. And we have a new subdivision that’s getting 50 houses.”

Mayor Senn told News 19, if the economy continues to grow in Newberry, more job opportunities will open up and more residents will move to the area.

“We have a good foundation here,” Mayor Senn said. “So, if the national economy does well, our factories will do well. Jobs will stay and keep up and we’ll be able to attract more businesses that people are interested in.”

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Resident Rachel Redd said she has lived in Newberry her whole life and has watched the city grow and progress for the better. 

“We used to be a really small town, kind of like Prosperity,” Redd said. “I really like how we brought new people in, how we have new businesses, and how everything is being built up.”

Outside the city limits, a tissue paper warehouse is also expected to bring nearly 100 more jobs to the county, once construction is complete. 

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