Positive and Negative Impact of Technology on Business



Change is constant and unavoidable, especially when it comes to technology. Even before you finish talking about a particular technology, a new version of it is being released and tested by IT professionals. However, this isn’t a cause for concern.

Worryingly, those who have mastered working on that upgrade are better positioned to take advantage of new opportunities available. Those who are unaware of any upgrades will be found wanting. Therefore, it is important to note that technology is changing business.

The Key Role Of Technology In Businesses

Technology is becoming increasingly important for modern businesses. As time passes, the business world increasingly gravitates towards it, making it nearly impossible to separate the two. Business innovation is vital for success, and since technology facilitates it, it can be deduced that business requires technology to thrive.

Since the dawn of time, the business has always existed. Even though it started with a simple barter system, business would not be the same today without technological advancements. Because most business operations and transactions involve the use of technology, all major industries would face major collapse if technology was removed from the equation.

How Is Technology Influencing Modern Businesses?

Technology has ushered in new business culture, with numerous benefits for business owners, employees, and customers, all of which can be categorized as positive impacts of technology on business.

However, different concerns were raised, including vulnerabilities and technology’s ability to be exploited for bad purposes. Misuse of technology in the workplace poses a risk, so it is referred to as the negative effects of technology on business.

Positive Impacts Of Technology On Business Innovation

The following are a few ways technology is showing a positive impact on modern businesses:

  • Human Errors In The Workplace Are Being Reduced

A miscalculation or a case of poor grammar can be costly to a company’s reputation. Fortunately, technology has provided applications to detect these errors before they become critical. There are accurate accounting packages, for example, that allows businesses to calculate revenues and properly manage expenses.

Furthermore, some applications can be used to forecast a company’s future financial position. If the future appears bleak, early corrective action can be taken. As a result, the company is in a better position to grow.

  •  Facilitates Business Advertising On The Internet

The number of sales made by a company determines its success. Customers are the ones who make these purchases. Customers should never be expected to come to you. Improve your marketing strategies to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. 

Fortunately, technology allows you to advertise your company so that potential customers can find it. According to studies, more than 60% of modern customers search for items online before purchasing.

  •  Allows For Global Communication

Technological advancements have made it possible for businesses to communicate with peers in other countries and obtain practical solutions to their problems. They can communicate with their associates via email and send or share important files.

Businesses that have affiliates in other countries have not been forgotten. Applications like Skype allow for efficient business meetings and conferences regardless of the participants’ location. Business operations are more seamless when communication is efficient. As a result, the company has a better chance of succeeding.

Negative Impacts Of Technology On Business Innovation

The adverse effects of information technology vary depending on the type of business and the technology used for more or less important tasks.

Some of the most concerning negative effects of technology on business are as follows:

  •  Expenses On New Technology

Technology is used in modern business for a variety of purposes. The dependence has grown to the point where technology must be upgraded to stay competitive. With time, technology evolves. Existing technology will become obsolete, and upgrades will be costly.

You will have to pay for the upgrade and the maintenance. Local mechanics are usually unable to maintain tech tools. The providing company or firms will charge a high fee for maintenance services.

  •  Workplace Disruptions Caused By Technology

We are all addicted to using mobile phones for various purposes because we constantly surf the web and social media. Employees use technology to increase productivity and efficiency. However, this technology diverts their attention and focus away from their work.

Notification alerts from various social media apps and emails on phones can interrupt work in the middle of the day. The hours set aside for work are spoiled by socializing via apps, emails, or text messages, reducing your productivity. These interruptions have a negative impact on employee productivity and can slow down progress.

  •  Business Dependence On Technology

Technology dependency in business is a major concern. We use technology so frequently that it has changed our business habits, wreaking havoc on our operations. For remote business operations and transactions, various digital devices and apps have been developed.

Even a minor technological glitch can halt the business process. The use of the internet for online shopping is a good example. If there is a problem with the online store’s web server, it will be cut off from customers, and the business process will come to a halt because there is no other way to conduct business.

Technology- A Growing Necessity For Businesses

Because change is the only constant thing, digital transformation and business innovation have become necessary for all businesses, large and small. Digital disruptions are everywhere, whether in automation, logistics, software, retail, or medicine. New innovative business applications must provide a positive digital business experience to customers and employees.

The core of digital transformation is lowering operational costs and improving customer experience. Custom applications should be able to be delivered at the speed of ideas. In today’s world, that is the only way to stay competitive.


Because technology is an integral part of our lives, businesses must learn to adapt to it. Although technology is unquestionably a two-edged sword, we must accept the benefits while minimizing the drawbacks to maximize business innovation.


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