Predictive Dialer Software: Boost Outbound Calls 3X


Predictive dialer software maximizes sales and boosts agent efficiency by minimizing idle time. Selling services is not easy it is hard but there is no buffer between won and a lost deal.

The responsibilities that your sales representatives are tasked with performing are continuously in competition with one another and each seems to be more essential than the last. Furthermore, human fingers often fall short when it comes to production.

As a result, a gap is created that can only be addressed by a sales automation solution like a predictive dialer. A predictive dialer is a wonderful software if you want a much quicker, more dependable, and more effective outbound dialing solution. If you expand your business, convert the conventional outbound calling system into an automated calling strategy. The only way to do this is to use Predictive Dialer, the brains behind the outbound sales approach.

What is a Predictive dialer system?

A predictive dialer is an incredible outbound dialing software that connects multiple numbers at the same time. It predicts the next number availability and immediately connects with the live agent after finishing the current call. Moreover, predictive dialer software automatically skips the unanswered, busy, and unproductive numbers. However, agents save time to dial number numbers manually. With the help of automation, no need to dial numbers you just upload the selected numbers from a list and the dialer dials the number automatically.

How predictive dialer works

By pre-dialing numbers, the predictive dialer connects a call to an agent as soon as they become available, boosting agent productivity. The dialing ratio is determined using statistics including the number of active agents, dropped calls, and answered calls, among other factors.

When should you take advantage of predictive dialer software

A predictive dialing system is the best calling strategy for call centers. By utilizing this software, they increase sales rates, minimize cost, easily scale to meet business requirements, and many more.

  • When you are a part of a small team

With the predictive dialer, you may extend the talk time of your agents when managing campaigns with fewer agents. As soon as your agents are available, the dialer algorithm matches them to calls that were answered.

  • Running large-scale Campaigns

If you want to communicate with a huge contact list in the shortest amount of time possible, use a predictive dialer.

  • If you’re not sure how good your list is

If you’re unsure of the quality of your list then it could be challenging to determine the ideal dial rate to maximize chat time. However, the predictive dialer makes this determination automatically, saving you time.

How does Predictive dialer software boost sales 3X?

Boost sales up to 3X by utilizing predictive dialer software as well as increase agent efficiency.

1. Save Time

Reduce idle time and increase talk time with an automated dialing feature. Agent saves their time via search and dial numbers and utilizes this time to resolve customer complex issues. Furthermore, make their time productive and get more potential clients.

Your sales representatives do not have to select which campaign list number to phone and in what sequence. Only active and answered calls will be connected to you via a predictive dialer. If you land on a call that is just receiving voicemails, you can also cancel the saved voicemail.

Predictive Dialer handles all of these time-consuming activities and makes sure that your agents are just spending their time converting leads into sales. Predictive dialer software can save 1-2 hours per day in this calling strategy, which can be successfully used to increase conversions and close more deals.

2. Increase agent talk time

A predictive dialer has many times more agent talk time than manual dialing, which is one of its main benefits. With reduced idle time and a better call connect ratio, agents spend more time communicating with callers who are prospects or current clients. For inbound calls, every call automatically receives context thanks to screen pops with CRM information. So, by utilizing a predictive dialer you never compromise quality over quantity.

3. Automatically log calls, while the salesperson is on the call

You have just ended a call with a valuable client. Just before concluding all of the post-call follow-up tasks, including taking notes and sending the deal to the next pipeline, there’s a call coming in for you. You start examining the caller’s contact information. The manual search, however, will prevent you from seeing all of the caller’s information. What’s worse is that you have to finish everything before the call ends.

4. Reduce the risk of human error

In manual dialing, the possibilities of errors are high while automation minimizes this risk and makes your dialing accurate. However, if your sales representatives are spending a large portion of their time manually entering data, mistakes and the omission of crucial information is unavoidable. Inaccurate information simply results in a poor follow-up call and a lost business. Additionally, the time spent on a manual entry takes key sales opportunities out of the picture.

In this way, you may engage the prospects in meaningful conversation and increase your chances of conversion.

5. Call Monitoring

Sales managers need to monitor their reps’ performance all the time. However, it might be challenging to keep an eye on the activity of the sales representatives during a strong outbound calling campaign. In this case, the Predictive Dialer dashboard is useful. It’s quite simple to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and agents by using Predictive Dialer’s extensive analytics dashboard and reporting tools. You may monitor a variety of indicators on the dashboard, including the number of calls made overall, the length of each call on average, and more. These simple measures make it easier for sales managers to evaluate the performance of the sales representatives.

Businesses can use this information to evaluate the effectiveness of their present processes and team performance. The secret to increasing conversions and revenue may lie in eliminating bottlenecks and educating sales representatives on how to communicate much more effectively.

6. Multi-campaign Management

Allowing a reliable system to handle the dialing lists ensures that calls to potential clients are spaced out in a way that doesn’t seem intrusive. For instance, the dialer can make sure that a person won’t be contacted more than once per day or per time if they are classified as leads for two campaigns.

Power of automation in your workflow and outbound sales

Every business wants to make more sales and improve overall business operations to boost productivity that’s why workflow automation comes in. You must contact the prospects again after the initial outbound campaign if you want bigger returns. For this, you must either manually manage a different sheet for them or keep track of all the promising leads. This is another difficult assignment.

Workflows speed up the follow-up process by generating a fresh campaign for each contact. In this manner, you can launch a fresh campaign for qualified leads.

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