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Rhetorical issues, some quick, some notably challenging, all truly worth imagining about:

If your residence close to the ocean has a stunning view, must the man or woman who purchases the whole lot nearer to the shore be able to establish a residence on it?

If your cafe demands to empty the dirty oil from the deep fryer, is it okay to dump it on the curb, possibly creating a bicyclist to slip and crash?

If your motor vehicle painting facility exhausts small droplets of red paint while carrying out a occupation, and the paint floats absent and lands on a white car or truck close by, are you liable?

Is it all right to make income marketing developing toys built from minor little powerful magnets? What occurs if children consume the pellets and put up with inside accidents?

Must a manufacturing facility dump poison in the river, even if it’s lawful?

If you deep fry your holiday break turkey, is it alright to pour the made use of oil down the drain? Or dump it into the river?

Can the architect of a skyscraper specify mirrored glass, even if the glare bothers folks in close by properties?

What about making a massive skyscraper that casts a shadow all day on the park subsequent door?

And… is it alright to choose a non-public jet to Scotland, even if the exhaust from that jet will induce distress to plenty of individuals who did not pick out it? What if it requires a very long time for the consequences to be felt?

No easy solutions. But we need to have to continue to keep inquiring the inquiries.


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