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Companyidea: platform to find new business ideas for a start-up

By MM, entrepreneur; writer; CEO of  XX, a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO; and CMO at Regal Assets, an IRA company

CompanyIdea has launched a first-of-its-kind business news portal that serves as a reliable source for sharing the latest small business ideas. The distinctiveness of the platform lies in its ability to provide a list of unique small business opportunities that emphasize the need for innovation and technologies in the big-data-driven digital economy.

Unlike other business news portals, Company Idea offers a list of emerging digital and tech-savvy trends for future entrepreneurs looking for a lucrative small business idea to put into practice.

Automated Business Ideas That Could Save Millions

Apart from the ideas, the platform overviews the strategic ways to automate different business sectors by identifying the repetitive, day-to-day tasks, including business areas such as accounting and finance, HR, inventory and freight management, and lead acquisition. 

No surprise, automation is something that all small-sized companies’ owners and solopreneurs should consider embracing due to its numerous benefits, including higher productivity, reduced operational costs, eliminated manual (human) errors, and increased capacity. Advanced robots can even engage in chats, understand unstructured data, translate textual information to different languages, and use cloud technologies to store data. 

“The right automation tools make it much easier to overcome your competition and stand out in a saturated market by improving your business processes and not letting your business lag behind,”  said Martynas Jonaitis, the founder of Company Idea.

Other relevant topics that are being elaborated on are related to the blockchain technologies, a relatively new NFT phenomenon, and the Metaverse that are transforming to the digital landscape.

The NFT Metaverse: Business Opportunity

NFT technology establishes ownership of digital assets that represent real-world objects such as art, videos, songs, in-game items, and crypto art bought and sold online, that are a cornerstone of Web 3.00. 

The term nonfungible means that this technology is unique and is not replaceable with something else. The NFTs have become a remarkable fraction of the bitcoin technology, being the way to introduce physical assets into the crypto world and into the virtual world called the “metaverse”. The metaverse makes reference to a 3D virtual world on the internet. This world(s) is typically created and developed to be highly social and requires users to establish virtual identities. People get to the space by using terminals located in lenses and specially attributed avatars to move around the space.

The metaverse is not only a great business opportunity allowing to host virtual events, encourage digital information spread, sell and shop in virtual stores, or buy digital assets. “Being a virtual space, it lets you take every user’s engagement to the next level,” says Jonaitis.

It’s not Just About Technology

Contrary to popular belief, there are many ways to start a business and achieve highly profitable, long-term success. “Company Idea is a portal that will give you all kinds of great small business ideas and business process improvement solutions in one place where you can explore a list of creative yet simple ways to hit on an entrepreneurial profit-making scheme,” says Jonaitis.

Company Idea assists potential entrepreneurs to identify various small business ideas that are recession-proof and that will work regardless of the economic crises, startup capital, prior work history, accumulated experience, or selected industry. 

“For this reason, we have broken down our top unique business ideas into several categories: AI, Blockchain, Business, Creative, E-commerce, Food Marketing, Metaverse, Music, Sales, Social media, Startup, and Technology for those who are interested in digital solutions and for those who are not math-friendly or tech titans at all,” says Jonitis.

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