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‘The Good Life Campaign’ was recently launched by Stanbic IBTC Insurance, a member of Stanbic IBTC Holdings to enlighten Nigerian’s on the benefits of taking out life policy and how much it could help protect the future of loved ones and dependants. MODESTUS ANAESORONYE in this report looks at the campaign.

Life is full of uncertainties and can be very destabilising if there are no preparations for it. Yes, it can as well become simple if the needed preparations are made and on time.

As a breadwinner in the family, either as father or mother, or one who has dependants, whatever you wish for your family and loved once can still be achieved by simply taking out life insurance.

Is it the education of your children, same standard of living, and payment of mortgages or outstanding loans, whatever it is, can be guaranteed even when you are not there?

These and more are what lead to a recent campaign launch by Stanbic IBTC Insurance, member of Stanbic IBTC Holding tagged ‘The Good Life Campaign’.

According to the company, ‘The Good Life’ is geared towards creating awareness about the benefits of having insurance cover.

To kick off the campaign, a launch event was held where executives of Stanbic IBTC as well as several veterans within the creative industry spoke passionately about the need for life insurance and the edge that Stanbic IBTC Insurance have among competitors in delivering bespoke and inclusive life assurance packages.

The launch of the campaign complements the bouquet of solutions offered by Stanbic IBTC as it continues to live up to its status of being a leading end-to-end financial services provider in Nigeria.

Stanbic IBTC Insurance, according to the company, has comprehensive insurance covers like Credit Life, Group Life, Education Endowment, Annuity, Sunset Plan and Term Assurance, amongst others.

Speaking on the rationale behind the insurance campaign, Akinjide Orimolade, chief executive, Stanbic IBTC Insurance, said that having a life insurance package is a necessity as it guarantees peace of mind and aids preparedness for unprecedented occurrences.

He urged Nigerians to get life insurance covers and shun the belief that insurance can only be bought by only rich or old people.

“The Good Life campaign is aimed at creating awareness of several fully customised, innovative, life insurance solutions that enable Nigerians easy access to the good life. As professionals with vast knowledge of the insurance market, we can offer the most suitable policies for our retail and corporate clients, based on extensive research and conscientious needs assessment.”

Having a life insurance cover he noted is a smart thing to do, especially in these uncertain times, especially as it covers beneficiaries from financial hassles when life unexpected happens,” Akinjide said.

Stanbic IBTC offers an insurance scheme that allows individuals to set up a plan and save ahead of children’s quality education.

“You can set up a plan for yourself and by the time you have children in the next 5 to 10 years, they will start their education freely. That money can be saved over time and we have it here in Stanbic IBTC insurance. It is called an educational endowment plan, he said.

Take for instance, most of us that are young and enterprising may want to have the best things of life like, cars, houses and at the same time gather assets, but at the same time you might lose your job, so Stanbic IBTC insurance will enable you still achieve that dream. So, there is a need to insure your life because anything can happen, he said.

You saw the EndSARS protest, properties were lost, lives lost and the recent train disaster in Kaduna, if the people involved are well insured the pains would have been better managed.

Demola Sogunle, chief executive, of Stanbic IBTC Holdings during his opening remark stated that many Nigerians are just beginning to understand the importance of insurance but as an organisation, the organization has been very deliberate about educating both young and old about the advantage that the right insurance cover provides to life and property.

“Today, in taking that effort further, we launched what we have tagged: The Good Life Campaign to advocate the value that comes from having life insurance and the availability of multiple life insurance solutions from our Life Insurance Company – Stanbic IBTC Insurance,” Demola said.

Segun Arinze, nollywood veteran and Stanbic IBTC Ambassador said, as a family man with wife and children, there is a need to think of after life in terms of stabilizing the family when you have gone to meet your maker.

“I have taken a life insurance policy, together with my wife for the children’s education and others. I think we have secured to a large extent. Family is very important and you have to think ahead, the nollywood star said.

“Again, we are in an industry that is a bit volatile now and most people have not taken the insurance policy, that’s why most times when people fall on bad times or fall ill, they start appealing and begging for fund raise. It will be nice that Stanbic IBTC reaches out to the industry and talks to them. We are all guilty of it. I throw it as a challenge to you to go into nollywood and get them insured, Arinze advised.

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Kate Henshaw, another Nollywood actor and Stanbic Ambassador in her comment said, “I love this project and I would tell people to cover themselves in terms of health, life and should start now, so that later in life, you will be in good position. When you are covered early with Stanbic IBTC Insurance, you will relax and have a good life in old age, she said.

“In a society or industry where people think it’s all over for you at a certain age, now look at me, I’m just starting because I am covered with Stanbic life insurance. You live better when you are covered.”

Ikechukwu Eric Ahiauzu, stage name Ric Hassani, a Nigerian singer, songwriter and musician who was behind the insurance music video, while speaking about the benefit of insurance in the entertainment industry: “We are always on the move and after the show; we are up to the next. Therefore, it is very important to get life insurance and be covered because anything can happen at any time, he said.

“You can be on stage, something can happen. Just listening to stories, I notice there is really need to be covered especially for a climate like Nigeria, it is very important you take care of yourself by yourself first”

The event also featured unveiling of the official music video with characters such as Kate Henshaw and Segun Arinze and musician, Ric Hassani – singing their hearts away to the tune of “Insurance Cover Me”.

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