Surge: The Secret to Successful Sales Outreach



Successful sales outreach is heavily dependent on choosing to contact the right person at the right time with a message that is personalised to their pain points or goals.

In 2021, Sales Hacker reported that 80% of B2B businesses are already employing buyer intent data and 16% had plans to introduce intent data into their sales strategy. So how do businesses gain a competitive advantage? The secret to successful sales outreach is Surge. 

What is Surge?

Surge enables B2B businesses to prioritise prospects exhibiting high levels of intent through stronger intent signals like website visits, or multiple intent sources. With Zymplify’s newest feature, sales reps can prioritise their time on buyers who are most likely to make a purchase. Additionally, reps can tailor their messaging by specific keywords or events to create a personalised outreach communication plan. 

6 Pillars of Intent

Surge is made up of multiple intent signals we like to call the 6 Pillars of Intent.

6 Pillars of Intent

1. Social 

With advanced behavioural analytics, you can identify which of your target companies are engaging with your competitors, attending relevant events, or engaging with industry terms. Zymplify’s social intent tool mines social media sites for interactions that may indicate buying intent. Companies engaging with your competitor, your target audiences attending industry conferences, or B2B buyers interacting with tracked industry keywords are some of the intent signals that the intent engine can pick up on

By equipping your BDRs with social intent intel, they can engage with in-market buyers before your competitors.

2. Public

An important insight to have and a great conversation starter, growth signals such as newly acquired funding, can indicate the need for new products or services

With Zymplify’s AI-powered intent data, your team can see which of your target accounts are expanding their business, are hiring, have secured new funding, announced changes in leadership, added a new technology or received industry recognition. By identifying companies that are displaying growth signals before major announcements, your sales team can and reach out to them in real-time with highly personalised communications
3. Topic

With topic intent, sales and marketing teams can pinpoint companies that are consuming higher than normal levels of content on specific topics across over 5k B2B content sites. Topic intent highlights who is researching your product so you know who to target, when, and with what content.

4. Review

When tech buyers are further down the funnel they will actively seek out reviews. If you are a G2 customer using Intent Data you can turn G2’s company level intent data into actionable contact level leads. Through our API, you can connect your G2 account to Zymplify and automatically (or manually) reveal target contacts in those companies who are comparing technology solutions.

5. Website

The strongest indicator of intent is when a prospect visits your website. With Zymplify, you can turn your website into a lead generation engine. We go further than providing you with the companies that are visiting your site. We automatically provide you with the contact details for your key personas within those organisations so you will never miss a lead again.

6. Engagement
Having prospects engaging with your marketing campaigns shows a strong indication of their intent to buy from your business. 

Using insights gathered from Zymplify’s inbuilt workflow engine, track each prospect’s level of engagement with your marketing messages. You can create a lead scoring system bespoke to your business, and qualify prospects based on their engagement with email marketing campaigns and automated workflows. 

Tailor sales conversations based on what type of content the prospect has engaged with the most. Gain company specific insights on what each prospect’s pain point is and the benefit they believe your product will bring to their business. 

Surge in Action 

Surge lists the companies showing each level of intent in real time. It depicts the type of company it is, their industry, size and location. With one click, find a list of key decision makers within that company to reach out to. 


Once you have identified key accounts to target, either add them to a list to further nurture through workflows and cadences, or add to a watchlist to monitor the company for further intent signals. Alternatively, copy and paste their email addresses directly for instant contact.

Prioritise Prospects with Surge

Learn more about Zymplify’s new feature that helps to create precision marketing and sales strategies in the Surge Fact Sheet. 

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