Take Google’s Major Search Algorithm Updates in Your Stride in 2022



Google’s search algorithm is constantly evolving to create a better experience for users, which is great! And for businesses that want to make sure their customers can easily find them in search results, these updates have a huge impact on SEO. Here are the latest changes to inform your search optimisation strategy in 2022 and beyond.

#1 – Going AI with MUM

MUM (Multitask Unified Model) technology has been on the horizon since mid-year in 2021 as an upgrade to BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers). Now, you don’t have to learn these acronyms or understand the technology – all you need to know is that Google is focussing on natural language processing. This means using AI technology to understand more complex queries that are better in line with how we naturally speak and communicate. This change will possibly include features such as:

  • Visual search

  • Translated multilingual content

  • Automated subtopics

  • Improved understanding of misspellings

  • Improved understanding of important moments in video content

  • The ability to refine or broaden the search

#2 – New core web vitals 

Core web vitals inform the algorithm about the page experience for the user, using signals to determine if it’s the best page for a search query to recommend. In June of 2021, 3 signals were introduced – loading page speed, visual stability, and interactivity. Further changes are anticipated in 2022 and onwards, which are rumoured to include mobile friendliness, safe browsing, HTTPS, and no intrusive interstitials (pop-up ads and other visual distractions).

#3 – Local search boosters 

Google understands that although people are searching a global stage for products and services, they want something quick, convenient, and nearby. That means that the algorithm is increasingly focussed on local search. This includes a new update to the search interface, making it easier to update your Google Business Profile (previously called GoogleMyBusiness), and add content directly from Google Search and Maps.

#4 – Personalised results

Google is trying to understand users on a more personal level to give them the most appealing results. This means that updates are likely to focus on delivering results that are partially informed by their search history, most frequent queries, and past purchases. This makes it more important than ever to target your consumers holistically through content that connects with other aspects of their lives, to drive loyalty and repeat purchases, and to drive engagement.

Google is constantly changing – Let your SEO evolve the right way

Google’s priority will always be to provide the user with the best, most useful experience – and every change in its algorithm reflects that. And if your SEO strategy takes this into account and makes value a priority, your SEO strategy should be able to seamlessly evolve alongside it with minimal changes and optimal opportunities for reaching your consumers.

At Digital Freak, we’re not interested in shortcuts, hacks, and blackhat tactics. All these do is get your business penalised and throw your SEO strategy off track every time there’s an algorithm update. Instead, we’re here to drive long-term results through content that Google can’t get enough of, that your customers want to engage with, and that set your business apart. And if that’s your cuppa, chat to us today!


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