The 72 Best Business Blogs You Should Visit in 2022.



72 Best business Blogs

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Benefits Of Visiting The Best Business Blogs!

Best Business Blogs – If you are a new entrepreneur and want immense growth in your business then the reading habit can help you a lot in your growth journey. Reading a quality blog is equal to a well-researched book reading. Most business blogs are producing quality content for their readers. These best business blogs are very helpful if you are running a business and looking for ways for growth. Here we are discussing the 72 “best business blogs” for business Ideas and Entrepreneurial Growth.

The 72 Best Blogs About Business in 2022.

Copyblogger screenshot

According to Venture Beat, “copy blogger is the bible of content marketing.” Not only sustainable writing is enough to draw your attention and hold upon it. This platform is good for content writing and can teach you ways to draft your content comprising synchronized and thoughtful elements. By using this platform, a writer can build those winning skills.

In January 2006, Brian Clark found copy blogger. Brian Clark is a traveler, a writer, and an entrepreneur. He single-handedly managed this site. He started from scratch without any venture capital, advertising, and a team only having $1000 in seed cash and putting a lot of effort and time into teaching others how to do online marketing that works. Its mission is to help a person to build the kind of audience-focused content that can help them to reach their business goals.

The Specialty of the Copy Blogger:

Content marketing

Important information for the entrepreneur

Bplans screenshot

Bplans is found and operated by Palo Alto Software, Inc. A platform that can help entrepreneurs to build better businesses. Bplans has full trust in you. It knows that you are the capable person to plan, develop, and grow your career. This website has an immense online collection of free sample business plans. Moreover, it will help you with important tools and will teach you to manage your work better.

Characteristics of Bplans:

Tips for the entrepreneur in starting a business

Availability of tools for entrepreneurs to aid them in managing their businesses

Wistia screenshot

Wistia was developed way back in 2006 by Brown university pass out and best friends named Brendan Schwartz and Chris Savage. In the initial days when it took its baby steps in the living room of Brendan Schwartz, the company soon began to grow at an alarming rate. Its members worked a day in and day out to create and design products suitable for video distribution, creation, and measurement. It was through hard work that they were able to secure the trust of their customers.

Initially, they have always tried to develop a long-lasting business that not only supplies their client with a great product but, on the other hand, they also focus on providing free educational content that will aid their clients to become successful in their business. Their goal is to inspire their customers and to provide them with quality-driven work.

Why You Should Visit Wistia:

Rated among the leaders in the marketing software space

You can create your own channel

World top brands depend on Wistia’s products to power their brand marketing. 

Moz Blog screenshot

Moz was established in 2004 by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig. It was named as SEOmoz and appeared as a blog and web-based community where some of the world’s expert SEO told their ideas and shared their research. It was in the year 2007 that MOZ launched its first app for the progress of new tools and ideas as per people’s demand. They then shifted their minds from consulting to software and after this, by the year 2009, they had gained their first 5,000 subscribers from all over the world.

The specialty of Moz:

Master in SEO

Educational content

Hubspot Blog screenshot

HubSpot was founded in 2004 by Brian and Dharmesh while observing the way individuals shop and buy. Inability to understand each other’s perspectives by both buyers and sellers in the market, a company was established named “HubSpot”. It was founded on “inbound”, on the belief that people facing hindrance by marketers or teasing salespeople they want to help out.

The movement started back in 2004 made it easy for the entire firm to work together whether it be marketing sales or customer service. Each hub is strong enough to function alone but they are even better together.

 Advantages of HubSpot:

 Provides CRM platform

100,000 plus customers in 120 plus countries

330,000 plus trained and certified professionals

Seth Godin Blog Screenshot

His blogs are about marketing, leadership, and how to level up everything. Seth Godin is also a writer and has published 19 best-selling books. He has embarked on many tours and fascinating projects to attract and entertain people to continue their business.

Why You Should Surf His Articles:

It will inspire you to assess your tactics related to your work

It can make you think twice about your current concepts

Hubstaff Blog screenshot

Hubstaff started in 2012, The Dave Nevogt co-founder of Hubstaff started his own work with his team. He started from nothing and then gradually built his business and that’s how Hubstaff came into being since 2012 it continues to grow and helped its customers to do the same. He encouraged his team on the Hubstaff platform to collaborate successfully with coworkers on the other side of the globe.

The Main Reason To Visit HubStaff:

 Over 34,000 businesses customer trust Hubstaff

Representing 18 countries

small business trends blog screenshot

The Website Small business trends was started in 2003 by Anita Campbell.  The name “Small business trends” as the name says is an online platform for small-scale business owners and entrepreneurs. This platform has bagged many awards and holds the trust of more than 2 million entrepreneurs, business owners, influencers, and experts. Through their articles and blogs, they make it easy for people to start up with fewer resources at the beginning. It is one of the best business blogs for ideas and entrepreneurship.

Positive Points of SBT:

Blogs by 400 experts

Good for boosting the confidence of an entrepreneur

marketing profs blog screenshot

Marketingprofs started in 2000, this blog can be fruitful for an individual marketer or a marketing team.  Their articles will provide you with tools used in marketing, techniques, training, forums, discussion, and much more related to the marketing field. They hold programs to conduct online events, train a person, and organize conferences that can help individuals, small teams, and large institutions to execute their marketing campaigns.

The Specialty of Marketing Profs:

They offer training programs

Online events and conferences are organized to polish your skills    

Contently Blog screenshot

Contently founded in 2011 by Joe Coleman, Dave Goldberg, and Shane Snow. Having their headquarter in New York City contently is the receiver of various awards and has been recognized by big brands as the best place to work.  The blog will inspire you to make use of strategies behind actual marketing campaigns. Articles are the best guides for freelancers starting from scratch. The website has a separate blog section committed to far-flung workers and how they can grow their business. If you are looking for a blog about business content, you should visit here.

Plus Points of Contently Blog:

It is recognized as a rapidly growing private companies

A Platform for over 160,000 creative freelancers

Shopify Blog screenshot

Shopify has a vast collection of resources that can be read for free. A person can read success stories, get business ideas, and gain tips for growing their business on Shopify. Additionally, they also have free training courses for establishing your business. A long time ago, It started from a small store that sold snowboards online, whereas, today all sized businesses use Shopify to sell their products in-store, online, or on the go. They help people by making it effortless to start, carry and grow a business.

Why You Should Visit Shopify Blog:

Over 1,000,000 businesses are powered by Shopify

Contributed $319 in economic activity

Buffer Blog screenshot

Buffer is a time saver platform for companies helping them by managing their social media interactions. The company comprises 85 members, working in 15 countries across the globe. Working day and night to gain the trust of customers by developing their brand and establishing their businesses on social media. Buffer is concerned with developing a quality product, strong relationships with customers, and believing in making a sense of togetherness between their customers and team with one.

The Main Reason To Visit Buffer Resources:

73,000 customers worldwide

It has garnered the trust of popular brands across the globe.

Intuit Quickbook Blog screenshot

Intuit QuickBooks is a banking software that gives its users permission to keep tabs on expenses, pay employees, and much more. They write articles and blog names small businesses center invent to help less extended businesses in their operational effort.  Besides providing articles on innovation, technology, marketing, and product, their main three features include helping start-ups, hiring, and money. If a person is confused regarding finance and funding or managing employees so they should visit Intuit QuickBooks to have a solution to their problem in minutes.

Why You Should Look Intuit Quickbooks:

They have a total number of 611,158 articles on their website

The total numbers of contributors to their website are 869,696

I Will Teach You To Be Rich Blog Screenshot

I will teach you to be rich was founded by Ramit Sethi recognized by New York Times bestselling author. His blogs are popular among a large number of people who read blogs to learn about how to use the mind and system to live a rich life. This can be achieved by generating more money, doing an online business, automating your finance, or finding the job you love. On his site, you will be able to get interviews, his experiences as well as case studies that are bound to aid you in running your business in a way that will help you to live a rich life.

The specialty of Ramit Sethi’s Blog:

It has gained a spot in famous magazines.

Over 400,000 people are making money through his guidance

More than 20,000 documented success stories

Neil Patel Blog screenshot

Neil Patel is considered a guru of digital marketing and analytics. The blog owner is an expert in SEO, internet marketing, and growth hacking. Neil also wrote 101 study courses named Digital Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide, that can help you transition from basics all the way down to advanced skills for digital marketers. Importantly, the blog possesses the ability to simplify complex topics so they are easy to digest and gain information.  The site has the honor of being recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur by President Obama under the age of 30 and by the United Nations under the age of 35. To sum up, this blog is a highly suggested blog about business for growth hack.

Why You Should Take A Look at His Blogs:

Known as a top influencer by Wall Street Journal

According to Forbes, he is among the top 10 marketers

Social Triggers Blog screenshot

Social triggers were developed by Derek Halpern. He is an expert marketer and entrepreneur. He has a very effective approach to marketing and it has helped him to build a few extensively famous websites. His blogs are a great way to aid you in strategy making and tactics that you can use in your business. He makes use of simple words on his website so that it is easy to understand and digest.

Plus Point of Social Triggers Blog:

The Next Web has regarded him as a “social media expert”

Huffing Post has declared him as one of the smartest men or at least smartest marketers”.

Over 5,322,431 people joined since the website launched

Richard Branson’s Blog screenshot

His full name is Richard Charles Nicholas Branson known as the founder of Virgin Group. He found Virgin Group in the 1970s and by today it controls more than 400 firms in various fields including mobile phone companies, Virgin Atlantic, train companies, and many more. His blogs will surely not let you down throughout your career as he has shared his experiences and exceptional failures of his career and a wonderful comeback.

Why You Should Visit His Site:

A collection of ideas of a modern thought leader

Holds the experience of running a number of businesses worldwide

Fast Company Blog screenshot

The Fast company was founded in November 1995 by Alan Webber and Bill Taylor. Leaving behind the old rules of the business fast company set out new rules for business through which companies can create, change, and completely new business practices encouraging their team and individuals who are the future and reinventing business. It can be best described as a fast-paced company is known for leading business media brands across the globe having several domains including, creativity, leadership, world-changing ideas, and design. Their page will surely divert the attention of entrepreneurs and the ones starting their own businesses and will inspire them to lead with resolve, ponder positively, welcome the change and mold the future according to their wishes.

Why You Should Follow Fast Company:

Having material that is for everybody

Partnership with renowned brands like Lenovo, Honeywell, and Deloitte. 

Penelope Trunk Blog screenshot

Penelope’s trunk blog was founded by Penelope having twists and turns in her career path. She wrote a number of blogs about business, membership, efficiency, entrepreneurship, and a career in general. A long time ago, she started her career in Los Angeles, and then proceeded to graduate school for English, meanwhile she learned HTML. Last but not least, she had worked at a few smaller software companies to have some experience before starting her own company. Her blogging topics include diversity resumes, mentoring, how to blog, and much more. Penelope’s business blog is perfect for businesswomen.

Why You Should Read Her Blog:

Her blogs have gained massive popularity and have been published in more than 200 newspapers.

Social Media examiner Blog screenshot

The social media examiner was developed by Michael Stelzner in 2009 in the mid of the great recession. This website can be regarded as the largest social media marketing resource across the globe. Social media examiner has a number of blogs from tips and tricks to improve the company’s social media presence to the latest industry research. When surfing through this site, you will find how marketers can run their social media, you will get to know some strategies and tactics plus you can also get remarkable tips to improve your social media marketing.

The Specialty of Social Media Examiner:

93 million people have been aided by this site.

Offers you quality content for free

Mashable Blog screenshot

The company was founded by Pete Cashmore on July 19, 2005. It is an American company providing a number of domains to go through according to the area of your interest. It has science, tech entertainment, digital media platform, and whatnot. It’s great for online entrepreneur to get their daily dose on every morning that what is going on in the digital world. Additionally, the company also extends the services of online courses which can be easily availed by entrepreneurs.

Why You Should Visit Mashable:

Inspiring website

Information about what’s going on in the world is gathered and presented on a single platform for the viewers. 

Forbes Blog screenshot

Forbes is an American company focusing on lifestyle, business, leadership, technology, entrepreneurship, and much more. It is also an ultimate leading source for genuine business news and economic information. Forbes has articles and blogs on the industry, finance, investing your money right, and marketing topics.

The Specialty of Forbes:

Recognized worldwide

Forbes has a wide array of articles and blogs on every topic

Techcrunch Blog screenshot

Techcrunch was founded by Michael Arrington and Keith Teare, partners of Archimedes Ventures in 2005. In fact, It is an American newspaper online that features high-tech, internet products, and starting companies. Last but not least it also provides you with breaking news in the technology and business world. This website is beneficial for entrepreneurs interested in gadgets and technology.

Why You Should Visit Techcrunch:

It keeps you up to date with the latest news across the world

Venturebeat Blog screenshot

VentureBeat was developed in 2006 by Matt Marshall it is the leading source for providing technology news and events that can be helpful for business leaders to make strong decisions and to be at the top of breaking news. By going through their articles or newsletters you will discover new information, perspective, and influences of business development on our life. This website is very valuable for businesspersons.

Characteristics of Venturebeat:

12 million monthly page views

432,000 plus flowers on Facebook

It provides valuable information to entrepreneurs and small business owners

Chris Borgan Blog screenshot

Chris Brogan owns Chris Brogan Media. He is also awarded as New York Times bestselling author he wrote 9 books and more on the list. Similarly, he is also known for his writer’s voice and unique opinion which benefits many people around the world. Chris Brogan is a regular speaker on social media. Luckily, he has interacted with a number of famous people like Richard Branson, Harvey Mackey, Paulo Coelho, and many more who shared their experiences with him, and then he shared them with his audience.  

Why You Should Look At Chris’ Blog:

Chris has been dubbed as 3rd power influencer online.

He has worked with Google, Disney, Microsoft, and many more.

Small Business Administration SBA Blog screenshot

SBA was founded in 1953, main focus of SBA is to make changes and take action so that small businesses can easily start, expand and develop independently. SBA is great for entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and fulfill them. The website is a hub of information for every domain regarding small business, how to train employees, how to fund business at the start, and how to operate it. This is a very popular blog about business in the US.

Why Have A Look at SBA:          

3293 employees

good platform for entrepreneurs

James Clear screenshot

James Clear is the author of the New York Times bestseller. He wrote many stories one of the most famous is Atomic Habits which has more than 3 million copies sold worldwide. To be honest, he is an avid writer as well as a travel photographer and entrepreneur. His main focus revolves around the question of how we can improve our lives for the better. Truly, his articles will make you think twice about how to grow your business, how to live better, and how to reinforce creative thinking because his site is way more than just a small business blog. He is writing since 2012.

Reasons to Visit James’ Blog:

Speaker at famous companies and events

His writing can help you in becoming more efficient.

Entrepreneur On Fire screenshot

It was founded by John Lee Dumas (JLD). Entrepreneur on fire is an award-winning website where JLD interviews famous entrepreneurs to aid you along your entrepreneurial journey. His main objectives include motivating you and providing you with tech and strategies that entrepreneur needs to follow to fire up their entrepreneurial journey. After reading his blog entrepreneurs can create the life they always dreamed of.

You Should Have A Look at EOF:

He has interviewed more than 3000 famous entrepreneurs like Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, and many more

Best known for his podcast

Altucher Confidential Blog screenshot

James Altucher is a famous entrepreneur and prolific writer. Mr.Altucher started 20 companies of which 17 failed but he learned from each failure and stood up stronger. Afterward, James began podcasting and blogging on one of his friend’s advice. On the other hand, he writes about self-publishing, entrepreneurship, and the business world. Furthermore, he also writes to shake up the faith of freshers in entrepreneurship or any kind of small business startup so they cannot fall down their path to success.

Why You Should Visit Altucher Blog:

He wrote a highly popular post at Altucher Confidential

To get inspiration for enhancing your vision resulting in you earning more than you are earning now.

NOLO Small Business Law Blog screenshot

Its mission is to provide its audience with legal information regarding businesses around the world and answer their questions related to business. Their guide do-it-yourself (DIY) was the first one to be published in 1971. Nolo is considered one of the web’s largest libraries of consumer-friendly reliable information of the highest quality free to access. Remember, they have made their work available in different forms whether it be books or eBooks and software.

Reasons To Look At Nolo Blog:

48 years of legal authority

Sold over 1.7 million products

Consultation requests stretched to over 1 million

Penny Hoarder screenshot

It was developed in 2010, Penny Hoarder is recognized as one of the largest websites having content related to personal finance. Its main goal is to help people in making smart decisions and how to facilitate their business with their own skills. This site is beneficial for its visitors to save their money by having job opportunities, freebies, personal stories, and more. Furthermore, this blog has the main section about side gigs and also has various articles on providing different ways to earn additional income.

Reason To Visit Penny Hoarder:

12 – 17 million readers per month

Daily discover new ways to make money

It is among the most rapidly growing private media companies in America  

Foundr Blog screenshot

Foundr is a free business blog with numerous articles on how to start a business, how to grow your business and inspiring stories of entrepreneurs. Their main focus is to provide you with topics of content like leadership qualities, growth in marketing, productivity hack, and much more. Infact the articles will surely help today’s entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial path which will lead them to lead the businesses of tomorrow. This site includes motivating stories in form of blogs, podcasts, books, magazines, and courses.

Characteristics of Foundr Blog:

300,000 plus entrepreneurs joined

Having a vast variety of content

Insights By Stanford Business screenshot

Stanford graduate school of business uses its blog to discuss management research and t have a deep look at its global community of experts and leaders. Their main focus is to provide aspiring leaders with the information and techniques which will help them in moving their organization and the world forward. Articles have a vast range of topics related to business which is very beneficial for entrepreneurs. The vision is crystal clear to those who want to adopt things for the change and who have the potential to change others.

Why You Should Surf Their Site:

Believes in spirit

Professionals and leaders from all over the globe are at this platform

34) Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review Screenshot

HBR is one of the most authentic and best business blogs. This blog focuses on all aspects of business, they cover everything about business from customers to companies, and also strive to provide motivation to readers to build their skills, and how they can improve their performance in their related fields.  It is considered one of the best blogs about business ideas and growth.

Reason To Look For Harvard Business Review:

Latest Industry Insights

New Business-Related Tech News

Business Advice

SOFI Blog screenshot

SoFi means social finance, Inc is a company founded in August 2011 by a student of Stanford business school. This company deals with investing your money the right way which is beneficial for you from all perspectives. Their blogs are mainly related to business sharing on financial topics for the starters in career and money management and in creating their dream lifestyle. By understanding their blog thoroughly, a customer can easily get out of debt by using SoFi products and you can also learn how to boost your credit score.

Plus Points of SoFi Blog:

1,000,000 members

They have granted around 50 million dollars in funded loans

Help people grow in their business

NERDWALLET screenshot

Nerdwallet is a website that offers you financial tools and advice on time to time payments, how to get out of debt, mortgage, and much more. Their blogs are really helpful for people new to managing loans, credit cards, insurance, and investment. They help people by sharing their advice like buying a new house or saving your earnings for your retirement. Nerdwallet main aim is to make you financially stable or an all-rounder in managing your money wisely. Their mission extends to making your life financially secure.

Advantages of Nerdwallet:

They give significance to their members and consider their money valuable

They make sure that your money is safe.

Credibly Blog screenshot

Credibly was developed in 2010 in order to improve the cost, choice, speed, and experience of businesses all over the United States. The company believes that small businesses can grow rapidly with some dedication and precious time. They provide facilities for small-sized businesses to expand and make their own value in the market.  They partner up with their clients to understand their needs and goals and then give some best financing options available. Their blogs are on the topics of how to use tactics to double the money, how to construct a business plan, and most importantly how to manage co-workers in any type of organization.

Plus Point of Credibly:

Supporting 19000 small businesses

Small businesses serve the right way

Mr. Money Mustache Blog screenshot

Mr. Money Mustache was founded by Peter Adeney after his retirement. After retiring he and his wife started blogging to earn money for their living. His writings are about business or how to make money and secure your future. Their blogs guide you on how to live a simple yet enjoyable life. Peter was exhausted from listening to the same thing from his peers doing 9 to 5 jobs complaining about not spending enough time with their families. So, with all that in mind, he began to share some of his secrets through his blogs about how all this can be done, and how we can enable ourselves to lead a better life.  

Why You Should Have A Look:

Featured in famous magazines

Provides you with financial freedom

The Busy Budgeter screenshot

The busy budgeter was founded by Rosemarie Grone in order to help her readers in limiting their spending and how to live a life while enjoying what and how much they have. She writes about saving money, and how to organize your budget and plan according to it. She strives to teach her readers to make a budget and then stick to it. An avid reader of her blogs can easily make a strong budget and techniques of saving money or spending it the right way.

Reason To Have A Look TBB:

To become better at making and sticking to budget planning.

Ideas on how you can save your money

CXL Blog screenshot

CXL was founded by Peep Laja, he is a champion of optimization and his experiment turn him into a business builder. He pens down a weekly newsletter on business, optimization, and strategies used in business. He puts a lot of thought into his writing to make his reader learn through his experience and research. A person who has the drive and motivation to become better and do work then surely CXL will help you get there. Their blogs are present to guide you in your time of need.

Reasons To Visit Of CXL:

It has vast well-researched content.

It is great for people who have a firm belief in themselves

Making Sense Of Cents Blog screenshot

This site consists of blogs supporting personal finance, lifestyle, and business. Making sense of cents was founded by Michelle. He started as a financial analyst in the financial services industry after his master’s degree but now he is self-employed and working as an online freelance and solopreneur. He also offers courses to fresh bloggers on how to start a blog. His blogging has enabled him to earn over $100,000 a month.

Advantages of MSOC:

Recognized as top 10 personal finance blogs to watch by

He has bagged countless awards related to his blogging by many organizations.

Over 300,000 monthly readers

Fundera Ledger Blog screenshot

The Fundera supports small business owners by helping them to grow in their businesses. It has an app that allows their user to directly apply to their creditors, to find the best deals. Their blog’s main emphasis is on finance providing news, advice, and strategies to small business owners through which they can generate more money, grow and increase their business in less time. Their content is mainly divided into categories like starting from scratch, how to manage your current business, and how to grow your business. They provide their customers with advice and tool to build great businesses that can create more job opportunities and can grow the economy.

Reasons To Look At Ledger:

 Over 85,000 small businesses are helped up till now

Earned billion till now

Teachable’s Blog screenshot

Teachables is launched by Ankur Nagpal. Teachable’s blog allows you to create and sell online courses in order to earn well and in a smart way. Their blogs deal with teaching how to create online courses and grab the attention of students. Their focus is to develop strategies for grasping the attention of the audience that actually works, and how to create such content that a visitor can automatically convert into one of your paying students. All in all, selling and creating a business gets much easier with teachable’s reading.

Plus Points of Teachable:

100,000 instructors have joined this platform

offers courses free and paid

Selz Founderu Blog screenshot

Selz is a platform related to e-commerce. It is there to help you build and carry out a professional online business. Their blogs related to business teach a number of skills that are important to use in order to be successful in online sales.  They have written many articles on topics like product designing, business growth, social media marketing, strategies, and many more. If you want to grow your business without any hurdles then you should read their articles and blogs.

Reasons To Have A Look at Selz:

They offer you free tools to grow your business

Their app is designed to make communication easy

NIR And FAR screenshot

Nir and Far is a platform created by bestselling author and entrepreneur Nir Eyal. Nir’s blogs are mainly related to tactics used to tackle technology, business, and psychology which make his blogs more than a business blog. The blog makes people learn through their behavior and experiences. This blog serves as a great asset for entrepreneurs keen to start their own businesses. This website provides you with the best articles, opportunities, and workshops to work with Nir Eyal.

Features of Nir and Far:

He has a great experience while working as a lecturer in marketing at Stanford graduate school of business

He has added experience of selling 2 technology companies since 2003   

His articles have been included in famous magazines

The Work At Home Woman blog screenshot

The work-at-home woman has founded a lady named Holly Reisem Hanna. Since the birth of her daughter, she was staying at home. But, after a period of nine months, she decided to pursue her passion for writing. The work-at-home woman site contains business blogs, having content related to women searching for jobs giving them the opportunity to work from home or willing to launch their own small business. Her blogs are related to topics like blogging, freelancing, time management, self-growth, and many more.

Reasons To Visit Holly’s Blog:

Acknowledged by Forbes as one of the top 100 websites for your career.

Designed especially for women

Millo blog screenshot

Millo facilitates you with a wide range of free information to assist freelancers and creatives. Their content is in the form of newsletters, guides, podcasts, blogs post, and more. Their blogs related to business have more than 1000 articles on topics related to it like finding high-quality clients, freelancing 24/7, and the use of contracts that will keep your work safe.

Plus Points of Millo:

They offer you top tools and free stuff to attain information.

You can learn all about freelancing.

Sleeknote Blog screenshot

Sleeknote was founded by two Emil and Daniel. Later on, Sleeknote was merged with Swami as having a similar vision and background in e-commerce. Sleeknote is tasked with finding the best person to do the job since the best in the world is not available at your doorstep. Sleek hires such people and convinces them of their potential rather than their experience. Their blogs are concerned with topics like writing, email marketing, how to produce leads from your blog, and much more.

Reasons To Have A Look at Sleeknote:

A large number of companies use Sleeknote daily to grow their online business.

They also host webinars

Mailshake Blog Screenshot

Mailshake is an online platform that helps marketers to produce leads, build a relationship, and promote content. They aim to make your job easy by having more connections, more deals, and more leads than ever before. They offer online courses to become a master’s in your related field. Mailshake has many success stories on their website that are enough to assure you of their quality of work.

Why Look At Mailshake:

Mailshake has more than 44,898 satisfied customers

Over 21,708 cups of coffee with customers

Offers courses 

Sumo Blog screenshot

Sumo was founded by Noah Kagan sharing his blogs and wild experiments in the business world. It is a platform that is aimed at providing you with free tools to automate your site growth. After spending 4 years building these tools internally to grow their app sumo newsletter. This helped them gain over a million subscribers. Their blogs concerned about business cover a wide range of topics created to help marketers and founders to improve their online marketing efforts. Lately, Sumo has also entended their blogs to include topics like how to write killer blog posts, how to grow your YouTube channel, and much more.

Reasons to Visit Sumo:

They have an app it offers you free tools to speed up your business growth

Also, have a platform to run your viral giveaway through kingSumo

AHREFS SEO BLOG screenshot

The blog helps its readers to improve their SEO and marketing. They provide detailed content for you with a mix of case studies, advice from expert marketing practitioners, in-depth tutorials, and industry experts on SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing. The content index is basically a small search engine where you can search for any word and they will show you all the pages mentioning that word with their SEO attached to it.

Reason To Have A At Look Ahref Blog:

Their content has 5.02 billion pages

They hold the reputation for updating 350 million pages every 24 hours

They locate 30 million new pages every 24 hours which means they write the latest info always for SEOs

Chris Winfield’s Blog screenshot

Chris Winfield is an entrepreneur working throughout his life and experienced huge hurdles, success, and failure throughout his career. In 2013 after his big failure, he took a deep look at his life. He reflected on his past learning and then experimented with new ways to improve his state of life. After that, he wrote blogs about how to work less and earn more and get double out of each day. His blog posts target personal development, success, and productivity and he also discusses the profile of successful people he interviewed through his new show on entrepreneurs.

Characteristics of Winfield’s Blog:

Chris Winfield is a recognized, personal development expert.

The Make It Happen Blog screenshot

The make-it-happen blogs are blog posts written by John Barrow. After decades of experience, he designed on-demand sales training programs for people offering them education related to dynamic sales whether to organizations or to individuals at the site, online, or remotely. They believe that by using the right tool at the right place everybody can sell better. His posts concentrate on how salespeople come up with the problem and how they can resolve it.

Plus Points of TMIHB:

Availability of many blogs on selling products

Your selling techniques may improve after learning to use their tools.

They also offer podcast

Sales Benchmark Index Blog screenshot

The sales benchmark index is a company best described as business strategies consulting company. They suggest strategies to grow your business that are based on five steps. They are specialized in sales and marketing and want to help you so that you can make more money in less time. This firm contains many marketing leaders so you can consult with them for good management skills.

Advantages of SBI:

They offer good incentives and opportunities to their employees

They have confidence in personal and professional growth simultaneously.

SBI is also known as one of America’s finest management consulting firms by Forbes

Mark Manson's Blog screenshot

Mark Manson is famous as New York Times bestselling author whose books are sold over 13 million copies worldwide. Besides this, his work has also been translated into more than 60 languages. Before working as an author, he started as a blogger in 2009. At that time his blogs were read by more than a million people in a single month. However, today, this site is visited by more than 15 million people every single year. He is also a blogger and an entrepreneur. He is regarded as one of the top personal development bloggers.

Important Points Of His Blog:

He is the author of the world-famous book “The subtle art of not giving a f*ck”.

His work has been published in over 50 well-known magazines, newspapers, and news channels.

Jill Konrath’s Sales Blog screenshot

Jill Konrath is an author, speaker, and great thought leader in the world of sales. She is always in search of new and fresh strategies that are best for today’s sales world. She delivers speeches at meetings and sales conferences. By giving her speech, she helps salespeople to gain new customers and win bigger contracts. Her business blogs have made their way into top publications. The famous topics she writes her blogs on are, winning deals, success mindsets, prospecting, and smarter ways to work.

Why Visit Konrath’s Blog:

Her list of clients includes GE, Microsoft, IBM, and many more are her clients.

Their selling practices are trusted by over 145,000 clients.

Grant Cardone’s Blog screenshot

Grant Cardone is the CEO of Cardone Capital, an international speaker, an entrepreneur, and last but not least bestselling author. He helps companies find better sales opportunities and also supports small businesses. Grant is the owner of 7 private companies. Grant has faith in success and freedom. This blog offers online sales training to its followers so that they can be successful in their path. His perspectives are always related to leadership, retail sales, economy, small business, and employment.

Reasons To Visit Cardone’s Blog:

He is recognized as the number one sales trainer across the globe.

Also, at number one by Forbes under the list of “25 marketing influencers to watch in 2017”

Guy Kawasaki's Blog screenshot

Kawasaki has done his BA from Stanford University, has an MBA degree from UCLA, and a doctorate from Babson College. He has gained a reputation for his online advice and active social media presence. Also, he is the chief evangelist of an online designing tool suite known as the canvas. He is the author of 13 books covering the details of his blogs. He is also known for giving TED talks to his audience.

Why Have A Look At Kawasaki’s Blog:

Also, have a podcast

It proposes online courses for personal training

They have many success stories of people that will make your work better to achieve your goals

LEADFUZE Blog screenshot

Leadfuze is a software platform established in 2014. Their blogs related to the business are published weekly, comprising topics related to sales terminology, lead generation strategies, and sales skills. Moreover, Leadfuze delivers podcasts where the hosts successfully interview salespeople. In addition, Leadfuze also offers its clients new tools so that salespeople can easily manage, sell, and recruit the business of their choice. To sum up, this site is beneficial for marketers, salespeople, and recruiters.

Plus Points of Leadfuze:

Have over 20,000 users

Around 306,252,699 business professionals are working with them

14,159,686 companies are working under Leadfuze

CONVERTKIT Blog screenshot

Convertkit is a platform for email marketing useful for podcasters, YouTubers, bloggers, and many more. Besides functioning as a software company, they are also present to help people grow in their business with email. They offer blogs, articles, and podcasts to help you in learning in an easier way. It could help you a lot in business growth because it is one of the best business blogs.


They have 59 team members in 49 cities

They work to make email easier for people in their professional fields

about 250,000 creators are using Convertkit

Marie Forleo’s Business Blog screenshot

Marie Forleos is a writer, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and an optimistic person helping you to become the person you most want to be. There is free content available on her business blogs and she also offers you paid online training programs. Through her posts concerning business, she concentrates on establishing the right mindset which can make you successful in your own way. She also has a myriad of success stories on her site to gain inspiration from.

Reasons To Have A Look at Forleo’s Blog:

She has a large audience all around the world

She has had the honor of working with Richard Branson.

SCORE Blog screenshot

The score is powered by U.S Small Business Administration (SBA), for helping people by providing them education and mentorship to more than 11 million entrepreneurs since 1964. 10,000 volunteer business mentors are tasked with managing Score. Besides this, Score also offers less budget and free consulting services to entrepreneurs who require help in growing or expanding their businesses. Additionally, their business blogs aid you with startup topics for entrepreneur-related advice such as how you can grow your business easily. 

Reasons to visit Score:

Has a library of online resources having a collection of templates, blogs, videos, guides, and many more forms of information

Partnership with deluxe

Grow Blog screenshot

Grow is a platform designed by Acorns to provide you with ideas to alter your finances and change your life. Their blogs revolve around business and the basics of financial planning which include credit cards, saving, budgeting, and investing. Grow by Acorn has partnered with CNBC offering their users inspiring stories, new techniques, tips,  and advice from experts on how to save and invest in the best way that will help you in generating wealth and make the most of your money. 

Why You Should Visit Grow:

Partner with CNBC

Investing your money right

The Smart Passive Income Blog screenshot

The owner of the Smart passive income blog is Pat Flynn, the day he started his own business blog and publicized the concept of sharing monthly income reports with his followers he builds high profile online presence. He taught people how to run an online business and optimize it for a healthy income through the power of his blogs. In addition, he also imparts knowledge to his followers regarding creating additional income sources using any of the domains like podcasting, blogging, and teaching online courses. and book writing.

Reasons To Have A Look At Smart Passive Income:

Their objective is to make an entrepreneur reach their dreams easily

They work with some of their core values like embracing the process of work with purpose, owning your outcome, and other principles which they value a lot in their work with their clients.

Zen Business BLOG screenshot

The self-employed was founded by Steve Strauss who is known as “the most popular small business columnist in America”.  Furthermore, he has also served as a spokesperson for small businesses for companies like Microsoft, Bank of America, staple, and many more famous companies across the globe. The articles on this site are mostly related to business, covering topics like the gig economy, how to start e-commerce, marketing, and last but not least, tech funding. Persons owning a small business can easily find answers to their business-related questions here through this website.

Why you should follow Zen Business:

It offers a large collection of sources to gather information related to your business interest

Manta Blog screenshot

Manta is a platform having online resources for people running their small businesses. Where they facilitate their clients with services, products, and educational opportunities to become more competitive in today’s world. Furthermore, they also provide their clients with business tips, news, and advice about how they can expand their business day by day. The priority of the site is to empower small businesses so their success can make noise.

Why Visit Manta:

It provides its users with a number of sources to speed up their business.

Mixergy Blog screenshot

Andrew Warner is the owner of the Mixergy website. The site mostly covers topics in the form of blog-related business such as sales, marketing, and tactics on how to attract customers to buy your product. The site provides you with great information regarding the business world collected from experienced mentors through interviews and courses. In fact, Mixergy is a platform where starters get to learn from experienced people. To sum up, Mixergy is a great platform offering you courses to polish your skills in order to run a successful business.

Reason To Have A Look Mixergy:

To have a strong passion for business

Hosted by Hostgator

CREATIVELIVE Blog screenshot

Chase Jarvis and Craig Swanson starts Creativelive in 2009 in order to inspire and support others with tools to build up their creative skills. Their vision was to provide education to newbies in the field of business willing to start their careers from scratch. Creativelive is a community of hustlers, developers, and doers who have gained fame in this field. The company aims to motivate you to build your own business and make it successful. Additionally, this site also offers classes to learners in their respective fields and gets information regarding it. 

Why You Should Visit Creativelive:

Over 650 world-class instructors

Over 10 million students

ZENDESK Blog screenshot

Zendesk is a CRM company that designs software to improve customer relationships. Their software is powerful and supple to meet the requirements of any business. The blogs on this site are a valuable source for collecting information on topics related to customer service. The most popular posts on their website are on the topics such as what skills can provide you with great customer service and how you can gather customer feedback.

Why Have A Look at Zendesk:

Above 160,000 plus paid customer accounts

They have a large employee database across the globe, comprising more than 3000 employees.

Work It Daily Blog screenshot

Work it daily is an online platform where you can learn how to support your career and earn more money out of it. It provides you with career-focused courses that will be beneficial for you to find a job and professional development. Their business blogs put an emphasis on people and work within an organization. Their topics of blog consist of a wide range like managing, networking, and growing within your career track. 

Reasons To Visit WIDB:

Offers courses for career development

They have a number of fields available for you to pick as your career and to learn from professionals

Science Of People Blog screenshot

Best-selling author and founder of the science of people Vanessa Van Edwards. Her books have been translated into 15 different languages and over 30 million people watch her on YouTube. Her blogs are concerned with skills to improve or develop your personality through leadership and communication. Likewise, the Science Of People aims to help you become successful in every aspect of your life including work, your career, and your personal life.

Why Have A Look at SoP:

Her work is published in famous newspapers and magazines.

Plus 50,000 attendees

Over 120 companies line up to book Vanessa to speak at their event.

The Business Goals BLOG screenshot

The business goals blog gives a ton of in-depth articles on how to start and grow a business, marketing, and business ideas. Also, the blog offers a free business directory to add your business with a free do-follow link. The Business Goals is a good blog for entrepreneurs, a blog for startups, and a blog for marketing professionals. This blog is a great startup and is one of the best blogs about business ideas and growth.

Many successful entrepreneurs like to visit this blog on a daily basis. TBG offers free business advice to visitors through articles. This blog covers many industries through insights and yearly reports. You can enhance your expertise by reading the articles.


Startup and Entrepreneurship

Marketing and Business Growth

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