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There has been so much chatter lately about the bill that congress is trying to pass for a four-day work week. Now, you may be thinking “Oh, that’s great!”, not necessarily for a lot of people. It’s a very fine line of who’s all for it and who’s all against it. 


It’s probably now confusing to you how such favorable circumstances could exist. Why would businesses allow their employees to only work four days a week? Isn’t this bad for the business? Perhaps it’s time to thank your new robotic colleagues. A recent blog article explored how technological developments could assist employees in accomplishing the same amount of work in as little time as possible with the same level of customer support.


Now, let’s break this new proposed bill down. This will end up defining a new work week for most, except salary employees, to a 32 hour work week rather than 40 hours with no change in pay or benefits. At this point, you might be saying “Well, I’m salary so that isn’t fair” or “I’m salary and this won’t apply to me and will even make my days longer” or on the flip side “I’m hourly so this will be great, I can go home and spend extra time with my family”. 


This bill would affect all non-unionized private companies with 500+ workers, including your blue collar workers. Nearly 3.6 million people and 2,600 companies state-wide. Now, the argument is that this could lead to a more productive and happier employee, while others argue this would potentially harm job growth and take away opportunities for employment due to the impact that will arise on the labor costs here in California.


Not only that, it could even have serious consequences with customers and client services and the wellbeing of the employee who will now have to cram a 40 hour work week into a 32. 


This bill hasn’t gotten to a stage where it will discuss how this will affect one’s sick leave and PTO. 


What are your thoughts on this bill? We want to open up the forum to start the discussion on pros and cons.



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