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A lot of thought has to go into SEO strategies. There are many different avenues you need to explore in order to come up with the best ways to appeal to the correct demographic. However, finding your intended audience can be challenging, if not impossible, without having a solid grasp of search intent.

If you aren’t sure what search intent is or how to use it, keep reading. We’ll define search intent, why it is important, and how you can use it to create the best marketing strategies possible.

What is search intent?

Search intent is, in simple terms, discovering what customers are searching for and why users search certain terms. You can discover what kind of keywords they are using and the sorts of searches that different demographics are doing. Every single time someone searches for anything, there is an intent behind it, and if you can decipher what it is, then you have the first step of a great marketing strategy.

Different kinds of search intent

While the idea of search intent might be easy to grasp, there are also different types of search intent to think about. A user may search for informational purposes, which is when they are seeking out specific information about a topic. This could be about a product, a person, a place – as well as many other subjects.

Transactional searches are when a user searches for a product or service with the intent to buy, while navigational searches are driven by the desire to “go”. This is when users search for somewhere they are going, a location or directions. Investigative searchers are looking for deeper levels of information on a certain topic.

The benefits of search intent for SEO

While your SEO strategy covers many different elements, search intent can help you to narrow down the kinds of keywords you should be using in your content – this includes your copy and even your image design.

In order to do this successfully, search intent helps you to discover why your customer is searching, and then see if your landing pages match what their intention is. This can create a smoother customer experience, and also helps Google to recognise that you are providing the high quality results that your customer would want. Remember, relevant results rank higher.

Putting it in place

Understanding and implementing search intent is vital to boost your business presence on Google, ensuring that you rank near the top of searches. While it is still important to create high quality content with empathy for your customers in mind, recognising them by their search “type” allows you to tailor your strategies more accurately.

You should be looking out especially for transactional searchers, as they are already on target to buy. However, not all searchers are going to already be ready to make a purchase, and even those who are looking to buy will be flooded with options. There is a lot of competition out there.

Your SEO should appeal to every type of searcher, and be able to give them the information or result they need each time. You will need to put analytics in place so that you understand where your customers are mostly finding you, and where you should put your primary efforts when it comes to marketing.

Final thoughts

While looking at search intent is essential, and you can use it to build essential customer profiles so that you can create broader strategies and ideas, you should primarily focus on using keywords consistently without building your entire brand around them. It is important to have content that is authentic and speaks to people on a personal level – these are the campaigns that really work and make people feel like they have connected with your brand on personal level once they have found you.

Search intent – the reason why users search the things they do – is a vital part of your SEO strategy. It can help you to understand whether searches are broad or have a specific aim. This can help you to more effectively create your own copywriting, design and SEO, giving you the best chances of appealing to your intended audience.


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