Three Low Cost Brand Tools Every Business Coach, Author and Speaker Should Have



Over the past few years, I’ve invested quite a lot of time in building my personal brand. There are three simple and low-cost tools that have helped me. In fact, I think every coach, author, speaker and consultant should invest in them.

The Celebrity CEO, which I coined, “building a community of fans and nurturing them to a sale”, is powerful.

And yet, there are TOOLS that go with it to make it even more powerful.

Having customers who find me and want to work with me is a beautiful place to be.

Does this mean I don’t seek after customers? Of course, I do.

But guess what? There’s still competition? There’s still a decision for them to make. Even if they know me already.

These tools can help give you the “edge” and tilt the final decision in your favor.

Every coach, consultant, speaker and author should have these in their “brand tool box”.

Good Business Cards

Business Cards

Well-designed business cards, that are easy to read and are graphic-rich, are important.

Remember, I didn’t just write “business cards” but WELL DESIGNED ONES are important.

Sure, some people say business cards are “old-fashioned”. I think not.

Business cards are an easy way to give people your contact information. If well designed they can separate you from the competition. makes business cards that have different designs on up to 5 different cards.

Branded One Pager

The one-pager is a powerful tool to showcase who you are.

No matter if the person is new to you or someone who already knows you, a one-pager helps you put your best foot forward.

A one-pager is a powerful tool you can use for your next podcast, television interview or something a reporter can read before they include you in their blog article.

You can get a cool one pager right here.

Ramon Ray One Pager

Personal Web Site

A personally branded website, like is an asset that helps your clients quickly decide if they should hire you.

A website, is an asset that lets people quickly know what you are, who you are, and how you can best serve their needs.

You’ve been looking at your website for a LONG TIME and might not even be sure of the 5 – 10 simple things that could make it better. These could be visual enhancements or SEO or other things.

Want a website audit? Let me know, happy to refer you to some options.

Celebrity CEO

These are three simple things, business cards, one-pager and good website that every coach, consultant, speaker and author should have.

It’s all part of the Celebrity CEO concept (and namesake book) which helps set you apart from the competition. Get the free Celebrity CEO Blueprint here.

Grow Your Solo Business

If you’ve not downloaded the Grow Your Solo experience, please do it.

My latest ebook, audio experience and workbook, are specifically designed to help you GROW your solo business.

Grow Your Solo Business



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