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A word heard quite commonly in today’s time, “Web Development” is the new found business trend of people all across the world. Until a few years back, website development was simply a technology used by developers for their business purposes. However, today the trend has changed and nearly half of the worlds’ population can be proudly found to have their own websites and on-line identities on the World Wide Web.

What is Web development?

Web development as known to us incorporates several small and large factors which together create a website. Web development is an oceanic term enclosing within it several WWW based website developing activities along with the other features such as web content development, programming, client/server-side scripting, web designing, E-commerce business development etc. However for all webmasters, “Web Development” is the term that refers only to the programming and building aspects of a website using codes of the various scripting languages. Thus, everything from developing a simple static website to the highly complicated AJAX based web applications such as E-commerce business websites or the social networking sites like My-Space, etc. is included under this term.

Web design and Web development

Web Designing and Development are the two key factors involved behind the making of a classic user-friendly website. The web designer is engaged in reading the mind of the customers and thus providing them with the perfect website designs as desired by the clients. They work with Graphic designing, Flash animations, CSS, XHTML, Photo-shop, etc. for giving the ideal look to the website. On the contrary, the web developer is engaged in the process of converting this thought into a live website with great features and functions as demanded by the client. The developer also works on developing software and other functioning tools as needed by the clients. Thus, the entire website development team works together to give result to their projects.

Web Development Features

The current age websites are equivalent to online application tools which not only deliver information to its targeted audience but also ensure the full flexibility on all platforms. Web-development includes various special features such as HTML, DHTML, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, CGI, etc. in addition to its range of languages such as Asp, Java, PHP, ASP.Net, etc.

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