What’s the Ideal Wardrobe for a Marketing Video?



You’re gearing up to appear in a marketing video. You’ve got the script nailed down, the shooting dates are set and you know the story you want to tell about your company’s product or services. But have you thought about how you’re going to dress for the part?

Video wardrobe is easy to overlook. You can get so wrapped up in the other elements of a marketing video’s production that you forget one of the most important elements until the last minute. 

The reality is that the right outfit will not only have you looking your best on camera, but also feeling your best as well. Some psychologists believe that physical items, such as clothes, can have an effect on our internal attitudes and confidence, enabling us to more readily shift into unfamiliar roles by first looking the part. In other words, if you’re a little nervous about being on camera, dressing the part can help take the edge off. 

Before you start rummaging through your closet, here are some tips to keep in mind so you can easily pinpoint the perfect outfit for your marketing video, and focus on what you’re going to say.

The Safest Colors For TV Or Video

The colors that translate best in a video shoot or on TV include blues, grays, magentas and browns. Pastels are also an acceptable color option. 

Navy blue is a particularly great color to wear in a marketing video, as it is regarded as both safe and modest. It is also seen as the color of trust, which is why police officers and airline cabin crews frequently sport this hue.

Pastels are colors that are mixed with white to soften them up a bit and create a more muted visual that reads well on camera. These hues can include:


If you’re not sure which route to go in terms of color choice, one way to choose is to pick tones that are in line with your brand. 

Try To Avoid Anything Too Flashy

Solid colors tend to render better on video. When appearing in a marketing video, you’ll want to avoid wearing bright white, as there’s a chance it will look overexposed and may overpower the screen. Alternative hues like pale beige and light gray (or even off-white) are a safer bet.

Speaking of colors to avoid, you’ll also want to steer clear of red, which has a tendency to bleed on camera and can be distracting. Also, say no to striped patterns in your video wardrobe, since they’re hard for the camera to pick up.

Think Like a TV Anchor

When you’re thinking about how to dress for a video interview, don’t hesitate to channel your inner Walter Cronkite or Diane Sawyer ahead of time. Typical broadcast attire works great, too, just make sure it aligns well with both your marketing video and your company’s culture.

Ties Are Optional

From an attire standpoint, ties are optional. The best way to decide on their use is to once again think about the culture of the company you represent, as well as your job title. If a tie is not a normal part of your workday attire, opt to skip wearing one in the video. The video should be a true reflection of your brand and your position in the company, so wear what you normally wear.

Don’t Dangle Or Wrinkle

For a polished look in a marketing video, there are a few other visual distractions to avoid on set. For one, forgo wearing dangly jewelry or earrings. While visually distracting, they can also make noise and even hit the microphone. What’s more, do a wrinkle check before production starts. Wrinkles can also be visually distracting to viewers, so keeping your clothes wrinkle-free is important on set.

The Last – and Most Important – Piece of Advice

Regardless of all of these tips on what to wear for a video interview, the most important piece of advice we can offer is to dress comfortably. If you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing in a video, these feelings of discomfort will register on camera — just as they would in an in-person interview. That’s not to say dark blue flannel pajamas with fuzzy slippers are the right fit, but to rather dress in a way that feels natural to your daily workwear and your brand identity.

Turn to Kuno Creative for Video Production Support

Knowing how to dress the part is just one of many considerations in marketing video production. At Kuno Creative, our team of video experts have the insights and experience to help guide you through every step of the video production process, sharing best practices along the way. See examples of our work, and then schedule a consultation so we can discuss your video marketing needs!

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