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Every business can benefit when they market to New Movers. New Movers need many goods and services when they move into their new home. Very often, they are moving to buy homes in new areas or to be closer to jobs or family. When you market to new movers, you have a chance to develop a new customer. And, if you treat them right – the long term value of a new customer is priceless!

9.8% of Americans mover annually.  That means 15.3 million households in America, with an average size of 2.3 family members, move each year.  Of that number, 3 million people move interstate.

60% of them move during the summer months, especially those with children. And, the wildest statistic to me – is that people move an average of 11.7 times in their lifetimes.

The top 6 states for new movers are Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho and Texas.

New Movers Try New Brands

90% of new movers say they would be likely to try a new brand/company for something in their new home. 88% of new movers say they would try a new provider/company for a new service.

These statistics are meaningful because they clearly show how valuable it is to market to new movers.

  • The top items movers typically purchase within the first 12 months of moving are furniture/home decor, a TV, and appliances.
  • Internet, utilities, and home security top the list of services movers anticipate needing to find a provider for within the first 12 months of moving.
  • 46% of movers say they use online research to research the types of business items they may purchase. Over three in ten (37%) movers utilize online customer reviews and recommendations from family/friends/neighbors.
  • Hair and nail salons, hospital emergency rooms, auto repair, restaurants, service companies and retail stores are all big users of new mover lists.
  • On average, movers spend $8,068 on all items and services within the first 12 months of moving.
  • Around a third of those planning to move in the next three months say they have a budget in mind for the purchases they need to make once they move, but not the actual move itself.

The marketing statistics for the New Movers come from the Porch 2021 New Mover Trend Report. The actual New Mover numbers come from Shyft moving.

Both of these companies are providing great data that helps us put together strategies to help us fine-tune the way we market to new movers.

New Mover Lists

Sure, marketers can spend a lot of time trying to compile their own new mover data. However the most efficient and cost-effective way to find new movers is to buy a New Mover mailing list.

When you market to new movers, you want to target your best prospects. You can do this by selecting new movers by geography. You might say you want to omit intra-zip moves. As I mentioned earlier, about 3 million households are moving interstate. If those are the households you want to reach, you can work with your list provider to select only those new movers from different states.

Other options on New Mover Lists include age, income, ethnicity and presence of children.  You typically won’t find phone numbers or email addresses on new mover lists. That is because the data is new. Our goal is to get these names to the market as soon as possible. That’s why these are called New Movers. They are New. And, because they are so new, there isn’t enough corresponding information to append these elements onto the record accurately.

Weekly and Monthly Hotline Lists

When you market to New Movers, you can sign up for a weekly or monthly subscription. We call these hotline lists. This means you get a brand new list each week or each month. Brand new, non-duplicating names each time. This kind of subscription enables you to keep up with the new movers and reach out to them on a continuous basis.  It also allows you to spread your expenses.

Other marketers opt for a one-time list. Many marketers mail to new movers multiple times. Postcards are the most responsive mail piece you can send to new movers. MyDMpostcards offers mailers the ability to personalize great designs, print and mail small quantities.

New Mover data is multi-sourced. That means it comes from many different places. These may include utility turn-ons, warranty title deeds, participatory change of addresses and national change of address information.

If your goal is to market to New Movers, make sure you work with a quality list provider. Dataman Group Direct in Boca Raton, Florida has been providing New Mover lists for over 37 years.


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