Give Your Mum The Gift Of Peace And Quiet With These 6 Mother’s Day Ideas


PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with rebel to help you give your dear mum the gift of time alone this Mother’s Day.

Ah, mothers. They literally give us the gift of life and in exchange, we have to come up with a material object that displays our love for them. While most of us wish we could give our mums the world, in this economy, we’re going to have to think a little smaller. But smaller doesn’t mean worse. 

Whilst I’m sure they love you, I can imagine that most mums would appreciate a little alone time (especially if they’ve just spent a few decades raising you, yet you still have to call them for adult tasks like how to cook a chicken or make a doctor’s appointment).

To spark some inspiration on how to give your mother the gift of time alone, we’ve rounded up a few ideas for every type of mum.

The Peaceful Mum

If your mum loves a mani-pedi, lives for The Real Housewives, and tells you to meditate when things get tough, then it’s also likely that they’ll be a Pilates or yoga lover. Whether they’re a beginner or a Pilates pro, grabbing your mum a fresh yoga mat like these rebel ones will be well-received. Mum might even catch a few extra nods in Savasana with a comfy new mat supporting their practice. Time away from the world (and you)? Priceless. 

The Sleep-Deprived Mum

Everyone keeps telling me that once you become a mum you basically get no sleep… for the rest of your life. Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic but I’m sure most mums would appreciate a bit more shut-eye for Mother’s Day this year. If your mum’s been going on about sleep pods and weighted blankets for the last five years (not speaking from experience here), then bite the bullet and nab them one this Mother’s Day. rebel has three different weights depending on how cosy your mum wants to be and even some Ell&Voo socks to stay warm this winter. Pair them together and your mum will be well-rested, and you’ll retain your place as the golden child. It’s a win-win situation. 

The Stressed-Out Mum

Is there anything worse than seeing your mum stressed? No. Is there anything worse than seeing your mum stressed on Mother’s Day? Also no. Mums are literal Earth angels and they deserve some time getting pampered. Sling your mum a spa voucher this Mother’s Day to give them the gift of relaxation. Add on a facial or deep tissue massage and surely your mum will feel loved and appreciated. If you can’t stretch for a luxe spa trip then why not bring the spa to home? Beauty picks like an anti-inflammatory enzyme peel mask or skincare sets will make your mum feel appreciated and give them some beauty rest.

The Active Mum

This mum can’t live without getting their sweat on. They love their 6 am HIIT class as much as you (maybe more) and for them, a dream Mother’s Day includes a protein smoothie followed by a quick – AKA three hour – run around the neighbourhood. Support your mum in their active hobbies by purchasing them a fresh pair of running kicks or nab them some boxing gloves. That way, your mum can continue to smash the patriarchy in the gym and beyond.

The Nature-Lover Mum

Does your mum really love time in the fresh air, soaking up nature? Or is it just an excuse to get away from you? Whatever their reasoning, help your mum embrace their hobbies by giving them some active accessories. Does your mum love a hike? Give them the gift of a fresh water bottle and backpack so they feel both strong and stylish while out in nature. Real Hunger Games style. A smartwatch can also level-up their nature game. The Garmin watch from rebel can show your mum their heart rate, respiration, and all-day stress. It also has a five-day battery life and smart notifications. Because you never know when you’ll need your mum, right? 

The Bookworm Mum

As a bookworm myself, books are the perfect gift. Feeling down? Read a book. Want to escape from your life? Read a book. Looking to have some time alone after raising kids all day? Read. A. Damn. Book. Who can bother you when you’re all studious and rugged up on the couch in warm trackies? Buying your mum a book (or three) is also a great way to support local businesses. Your mum will get time to themselves and you’ve helped a small business to keep its doors open. Awww. All the warm and fuzzies and it’s not even Mother’s Day yet.

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