How a new Domo integration makes for sharper Office tools



As data continues to play a larger role in how all professionals make decisions, business intelligence is being molded to give everyone from CEOs to frontline workers access to the kind of data they need, exactly when and where they need it.

Case in point: Domo’s new Microsoft Office Add-ins, which allow anyone who is, say, building a presentation or collaborating on KPIs to retrieve their Domo data right within the Office product they are working from.

What’s great about that? For starters, lots of organizations use the Microsoft Office suite of tools on a daily basis. With Office Add-ins, those users don’t ever have to leave Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook to share real-time visualizations from Domo. And given how quick and easy it is for Office Add-ins to connect the two pieces, business users need not wait to reap the benefits.

Here’s what Microsoft Office Add-ins enable within each tool in the Office suite.


Perhaps you’ve created a Word document so you can share weekly metrics with key stakeholders, or you’re getting ready to publish a report for leadership about quarterly performance metrics. With Office Add-ins, you can ensure the document is automatically updated with live and always up-to-date numbers.

This add-in allows users to insert visuals created on Domo into a Word document with one click. And it allows users to work within one platform instead of moving back and forth between tools.


Excel is a popular tool for data analysts of all experience levels. If you enjoy using Excel to manipulate and manage datasets, you can still do that easily with your Domo data. No more copying and pasting sets or exporting datasets to a new Excel sheet from within Domo. Use Office Add-ins to easily get data in Excel. The add-in includes a sidebar within Excel to easily import datasets where users can import, filter, select, or input data.

The updated data can be automatically incorporated back into Domo and combined with existing Domo data for additional insight. You can also create new datasets in Domo without ever leaving Excel.


PowerPoint is the king of the status update meetings. Whether you’re using it to share data as part of a recurring meeting to update stakeholders on the status of current projects or within a team to highlight upcoming work for projects, it can be tedious to continually add the same data updates by going back and forth between multiple programs.

Using Office Add-ins, you no longer have to work across programs. You can easily bring Domo cards directly into PowerPoint with data refreshed at a frequency you choose. And you can quickly filter the data within your visuals to display only the relevant information for the report’s final viewers.


Have you ever been in a meeting and learned you need to give an update on KPIs with no time to prepare a presentation? With Outlook integration through Office Add-ins, you can quickly send an email to a team member and have them easily grab visuals from Domo within Outlook. Then you can efficiently share the most recent data and visuals.

Within Outlook, users can embed Domo analytics directly into an email, create new datasets within Domo from email attachments, or build new Domo tasks and projects from email subject lines. 

The future of BI is about putting the most impactful data and information right where you’re working. Learn more about Domo Office Add-ins’ ability to do that, and how you can sign up for a free trial.


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