Should You Be Using Email Marketing?



What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most used direct marketing tools to promote your products & services via email. Many people believe email marketing is dead, but it is still usable and offers excellent benefits. Not utilising email marketing in your marketing strategies is a disservice to yourself and your business.

Why do some say email marketing is dead?

Many people in and out of the marketing industry say that email marketing is obsolete compared to social media. People say email marketing is like sending a message via letter when that could not be further from the truth. There are 3x more emails than there are Twitter and Facebook accounts combined. While a Twitter post can reach millions of people, a single email can reach many times within the same time frame. In addition, many argue that people’s emails are much harder to get than follows and engagement on Facebook or Instagram. Still, when Derek Halpern, a popular Youtuber, conducted a small social experiment, he found that it is easier to get a 500% increase in the number of people in your email marketing list than to gain Twitter followers. While social media has better reach without transferring personal information like an email ID, email marketing still has several benefits that can help your business grow.

Why you should use email marketing

Email marketing allows the business or firm to communicate a long and detailed message that could contain marketing promotions/deals, a story, a brief letter, and the list goes on. Email marketing remains the consumer’s attention span compared to a post on social media. Email marketing allows you to directly talk to the consumer rather than making a public post on Twitter or Facebook.

Everyone is concerned with ROI, whether you’re a college student debating to use your free time to level up a gaming character or catch up on studying or in a business and determine if this particular activity will gain more revenue. Email’s ROI is 28.5% versus other direct marketing methods. 

People are more inclined to engage with personalised emails than social media posts. Email subscribers were 3x more likely to share content via social media, and the click-through rate was an astounding 152% higher in automated messages! (Delivera)

Why email marketing is the best marketing

Social media can be seen as the platform where brands and businesses try and connect with the consumer and make a friendship out of those interactions. Everyone loves a good discount, and when consumers sign up for brand emails, they are EXPECTING promotional content and good deals! Emails are where brands can push their product and services onto the consumer with little or no repercussions as it is essentially what the consumer is already expecting. 

While social media may be a pleasure to scroll through, email marketing allows for a personal touch. It will enable the email to use the consumer’s actual name and make it seem like a conversation between the business and the consumer. 

Unlike social media, where the posts only last on the consumers’ phone for a few seconds, emails have brand designs and logos present, and due to their size, the consumer has to take more time reading them. More time spent reading email results in more time ‘spent’ with the company.

Key Takeaways

You might have noticed that we drew many comparisons between email marketing and social media because social media is the most popular medium for marketing in the modern era. However, this blog proves that email marketing is still beneficial and has its place in the modern-day age of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.

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