Gold Prices Are Heading Higher as Inflation Rages. Why the Next Stop Could  Be $3,000 an Ounce. | Barron's

The gold price Australia has risen to $2516.44 per the predictions of mining veterans on the 18th August 2022. The mining veterans advised that gold may top $2,000 as of inflation. The fact is that their predictions were not far from true.

Furthermore, they predicted the gold rally would go above $2,000 an ounce in the new year as inflation remained elevated. Hence, underpinning the metal support is often viewed as your traditional hedge against different price pressures.

The latest signal hikes in the Federal Reserve minutes could become deferred or even small. But, according to executive chairman Jake Klein at Australia Evolution Mining, the market will have to get used to the new inflation numbers remaining high for longer.

He told him that that is good for gold, he told Bloomberg TV. When you look at the Fed’s meeting held in July and the minutes released on Wednesday. It shows that the officials need to dial back the pace of the rate increases.

Many participants warned against the over-tightening that can hurt the economy and flagged the risk of the inflation burden becoming entrenched. Furthermore, gold dropped during 2022 to four per cent even when the central banks with the Fed tightened their monetary policies with higher rates dampening the non-interest-bearing metal.

According to Troy Gayeski, the chief market strategist at FS Investments, the gold price stands to rebound as the Fed starts to pivot to easing things after a year. On Thursday, the spot bullion traded at 1,765,30 dollars an ounce.

When you look back at the record high in August 2020, reaching $2,075.47, it came close earlier in the year when it dropped in the second quarter. Yet, today the gold price Australia stands at $2516.44. On Thursday, Klein spoke after Evolution reported a six percent fall in net income to $323.3 million AUD the entire year.

According to Klein, the company plans to increase their production by 12.5% up to 720,000 ounces for the 2023 fiscal year. Then they plan to further it with eleven present the following year. So, as you can see, the predictions for the precious metal look good if you plan to sell your gold bars, coins, and jewellery.

Now is also the best time to invest your money in the precious metal as a hedge against further inflation while the spot price for buying gold is still low. Hence, if you plan to sell some gold to make a profit, we recommend visiting a gold buyer in Melbourne today while the spot price of gold is still high.

But, as you know, the cost of precious metals is unpredictable, even if the predictions are spot on for now.The same applies if you are needing to invest in gold bullion today. But, again, spending your money before the price rises is best. So, visit your nearest gold dealer today to sell or invest in gold.

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